Three things you can do everyday to support your mental health, and learn how to incorporate them into your daily life.
**My stress and anxiety have decreased drastically!**

Meet Lynn Friello


Hello!  My name is Lynn.  I'm a wife, a cat mom of three, a daughter and a sister. I used to be someone who had immense self-doubt in all areas of my life.  I had a lot of anxiety and very low self-confidence.  It wasn’t uncommon for me to have to call my husband and ask him to hurry home due to a panic attack.  I would start projects and not complete them.  I think this was because when I got into the project, I felt I wasn’t good enough, and who was I to be trying that thing anyway.  I didn’t feel I deserved my dreams or desires. 

The confidence and anxiety got worse.  My anxiety was getting so bad that I would stay home from work more than I should.  I stopped driving on the expressway into work for fear of a panic attack while driving (this had happened many times before).  I felt ashamed that I couldn’t handle something I had done thousands of times before.  This, therefore, decreased my confidence even further.  But, I just figured this was the way my life was going to be.  Depression sunk in.

I wasn’t looking for a solution to change my self-doubt, confidence, etc..  But, I had a friend using some natural products that piqued my interest. I researched the company she was using and knew it was a fit.  If nothing else, I knew I needed a healthier approach to my and my husband’s life. I have always been someone who appreciated nature and am a lover of animals and the environment. So, I took a chance.

While, I’m still in the process of working on myself and having a healthier lifestyle, my outlook on life and myself has completely changed. My confidence has greatly improved, and I now know I am deserving of my dreams and desires. Everyone is! I don’t have nearly the amount of anxiety or panic attacks over the past few months.  And, I’m even driving on the expressway more often.  The freedom from fear is life-changing!

I now look forward to a healthier and enjoyable life with my husband.  I feel good knowing I am helping myself and my family with a company that puts the planet first. I am moving forward in life with less fear and more excitement.  I am especially excited to help others, like you, discover more confidence along with a healthier way of living.  Join our group of empowered women where the support and encouragement is unwavering.

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