Mother’s Day Can Hurt

Mother’s Day Can Hurt
Mother’s Day is a trigger for me.

It’s the one day where moms are celebrated, mostly by their partners.

It used to crush me to see dads posting about their wives + how much they love them and are grateful for them.

It’s a day that highlights my motherhood journey and the years I did it alone.

I love being I mom.

I love that we celebrate a day just for moms.

But my heart goes out to those who are also triggered by today, no matter the reason.

I want you to know your feelings are valid.

It’s okay to struggle on days like these.

Don’t try and push down the emotions, it won’t help. 

Take a minute to yourself, take some deep breaths, and FEEL your feelings.

You got this ❤

How Much Does It Cost?

How Much Does It Cost?
“How much does it cost?”

Well, what are we talking about here..

The cost of natural supplements?

Or what the cost of NOT doing it looks like.

Waking up each day without motivation or energy to get things done.

Feeling overwhelmed and overstimulated from breakfast until bedtime.

Not having any patience with your family.

Trying to complete the same task day after day, but not being able to finish it.

Wishing bedtime happened at 4pm.

Not enjoying life to the fullest because you don’t have the mental capacity to get out of survival mode.

I don’t think anyone could put a price on living a life without those feelings..

But, we never seem to look at it that way.

Investing in yourself is scary. It forces you out of your comfort zone..

I strongly believe that’s why I’m here. To hold your hand. To walk you through it.

To show you that you can have the life you dream of and feel the way you believe you should.

Which is something you’ll never regret.

You’re not going to look back and say, “I wish I never invested in my mental health and happiness. What a waste of time it was learning how my gut impacts my whole body”

I can guarantee it!

If you’re ready to make some changes, check out the hundreds of personal testimonies I've seen here+ send me a message for a discount code!

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Are You Angry, Or Are You Overstimulated?

Are You Angry, Or Are You Overstimulated?
Do you get angry, but aren’t actually mad?

Moms with ADHD are sensitive to overstimulation because we struggle with filtering out information that we don’t need.

When we get overstimulated, it’s very uncomfortable.

It can come out as irritability, anxiety, anger, fear as it's PHYSICAL discomfort.

We need to get the energy OUT of our bodies.

Becoming aware of this is the first step.

Next time you’re angry or irritable, take a deep breath and ask yourself, “what am I angry about?”

It’s likely that you won’t have a rational answer and you’ll find yourself recognizing the overstimulation from your surroundings.

Once you’re able to recognize the reaction, you can start preparing for it ahead of time.

Don’t blame yourself for the reaction - it’s literally your body trying to escape the discomfort.

Do you experience anger or irritability, even when you’re not actually upset?!

Here's a little humor to go with it: click here

Goal Setting Tips That Actually Work

Goal Setting Tips That Actually Work

Everyone loves to set goals for the new year, but did you know there’s actually some ways to make sure you *ACTUALLY* stick to them?!

1. Don’t try and do it all. Changing your entire life at the start of the year isn’t attainable or realistic. It’s very unlikely that you’d be able to start a new workout routine, completely change your diet, read books, improve your mental health, and grow your relationships at the same time. Sure, you should focus on all your goals, but find ways to do one thing that supports all goals. Ex: healing your gut would improve your sleep, immune system, and mental health - which would help your motivation for the next goal. 

2. Make it measurable. When setting a goal, you need to make sure you can actually track it. Be happier, work out more, make more money.. all great goals, but how can you see when you achieve them? Is making more money $5 more? Or $5000. What does being happier look like? This is crucial!!

3. Choose things you can do more of, not less. Instead of putting a negative feeling around your goals - eat LESS sugar, drink LESS alcohol, watch LESS tv, etc - set goals that you can do more of! More your body MORE, choose healthy options MORE, do MORE of a hobby you love, etc. In the end,  it’s the same outcome, but it makes a huge difference!

4. Break up your goals into smaller chunks. It’s great to set a BIG goal, but they’re very hard to stick to when they seem out of reach. If you want to make $5000 more this year, break that up into smaller goals. $415/month seems a lot more achievable than $5000 all at once. Losing 5lbs a month is a lot easier to focus on than losing 60. When we break them up, we are much more likely to keep working on them.

5. Write your goals down and put them somewhere you can see them. Bathroom mirror, fridge, kitchen counter.. somewhere you look often. Don’t put it away or close it up in a notebook - out of sight, out of mind.

What are some of your goals for 2023?

Organic Cotton Clothing, Ethically Made.

Organic Cotton Clothing, Ethically Made.
Did you know..

It is estimated over 8000 synthetic chemicals are used in the fashion manufacturing process, this includes carcinogens and hormone disruptors.

Our clothes are literally toxic..

Even worse?

The fashion industry is one of the most polluting, unethical, and least sustainable industries on the planet.

That’s why I chose to partner with PACT.

They believe the planet, and the people on it, should come first.

They are sustainability certified.


Carbon neutral.

Use fair trade certified factories.

And responsible packaging.

They have something for everyone! From men and women, to babies and kids.

Grab a set of towels or a sheet set and know that you are helping the environment and your health.

Check them our HERE! MEGANF20 will save you 20% ✨

Here's a try on for the pieces I chose:
• Black Thong
• Black Ribbed High Waist Leggings
• Fawn Double V Neck Tunic Sweater
• Black Woven Twill Roll Up Pant
• Saddle Heather Airplane Cardigan
• Charcoal Heather All Ease Sleep Tee

xo Megan

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