Use Your God-Given Authority to Be a Leader in the Business World
It does not matter if “others” think you are qualified or not; it does not even matter if you, yourself, think you are not currently qualified. GOD will empower you to do whatever He wants you to do and will provide ALL that you need along the way. Be confident in HIS ability to work THROUGH you; do not place your trust/confidence in your own education, personality, financial resources, etc. He can use you TODAY, right where you are at in life. 

If you struggle massively with lack of confidence, I understand. If you believe that you cannot make it as a leader in the business world because you're an introvert, I totally get it. But there is something God has taught over the last few years as I journey in a network marketing business called Young Living Essential Oils and that is that it does not not matter what our personality is like nor what our education level is; what our bank account currently looks like or whether we are black or white, male or female have nothing to do with whether or not God can use us in powerful ways to bless others in the world of business. The economical status of our country also has nothing to do with what God can do THROUGH you.

You see, we need to shift our attention away from ourselves and the current circumstances around us and we need to place it on GOD alone, just like David did when he defeated the giant Goliath. God has always been incredibly powerful! When we are baptized, He adopted us as His children and therefore we are heirs in His Kingdom. This does not only mean that we get to live in heaven after we die! Even more importantly it means that we get to enjoy a bunch of privileges while we live here on earth, including being empowered by the power of the Holy Spirit to do the work he assigns us to do, and also joy and peace in a world that is so stressed out most of the time. 

If God placed in us a deep desire to do something, like be a leader in the business world, He will mentor us, guide us, and empower us along the way. If we stick with Him, seeking Him day after day, not running after money, but rather building a strong relationship with Him, He will provide what we need to succeed. Opportunities to learn will open up. As people see walking confidently and purposefully, they will desire what you have and they will want you to lead them to that kind of life. When they ask you, then you can show them. God will give you the words to say even if you're not good with words at all; He has done that for  me and can do it for you too.

All God asks from us is that we be available. He will provide the rest. He will not let you know how long the journey will take, but He does promise to take you to the finish line. If you persevere with Him, constantly drawing closer to Him, you will get to the destination that God has in mind for you and those who follow your leading in the journey. You are His hands and feet and His mouthpiece in this world. 

Ready to be an exemplary leader in the business world? I invite you to join our Joy-Givers team in Young Living. Not only will you become a confident leader as you journey with us, you will also be able to get products delivered to your home that will help enhance your lifestyle; products that will help you be energetic and healthy every day of your life, and therefore more productive so that you can focus on the work God has called you to do. 

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