Health Support Drink Recipe
Fueling up properly when we first wake up in the morning is important so that we can be ENERGETIC throughout the day. This drink will help you accomplish this. Ready to put down the coffee mug or Monster and drink this instead? Challenge yourself to do this (when you first get up in the morning) for 21 days and record how you feel.

In an empty NingXia Red container, combine 2 oz NingXia Red, 1/2 tsp Sulfurzyme or the contents of 2 capsules of it, and 3-4 drops of Lime essential oil (Vitality). Fill the rest of the bottle with filtered water. Shake and pour yourself a glassful. Chill the rest. Don’t eat or drink anything else until the whole bottle is gone though! 😉

**Are you going to do an intense EXERCISE ROUTINE that morning? Add a tube of NingXia Nitro for an extra energy boost. 

—> Don’t have an empty NingXia Red bottle yet? Use a large reusable glass water bottle instead; one that holds 32 oz of liquid.


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