Ready for a FRESH START in life?

Ready for a FRESH START in life?
If you are ready for a fresh start in your life, no matter what the reason, I'd like to show you in this blogpost how Young Living can help you do so easily. 
STEP 1: If you are not yet a member with Young Living, sign up with them easily online at Just click the "SHOP" button over there, on the top right corner, decide what products you want to start off with at home, and then create your account with the company as you check out.
**Even though they no longer require a Premium Starter Kit/bundle, I still believe they are the BEST VALUE. They have several to choose from, so decide if one of them could be the best deal for YOU and/or YOUR family.
Click on the same GetOiling website that I posted above, then on "Learn More" (or on the 3 lines if you are on your cell phone) and then on "STARTER KITS", in order to explore what kits they have and what are in each of them.
STEP 2: Optionally, sign up right away with their Loyalty Rewards (autoship) Program so that you can start getting points back to redeem for free products as you start creating a healthy home environment, swapping out the products you currently have with those of the Young Living line. It will really simplify your life to do this for the following reasons:

a)The ingredients in the products are not only non-toxic, but they actually enhance your health,
b) You can decide which products you want shipped to you every month (they will email you two days before the order goes out to decide what you want shipped) and they will ship it out to your doorstep, and
c) It will keep you more organized since you just get points back on the products that are shipped in your monthly shipment box, not every order you place.
STEP 3: Once you see how Young Living really is helping you create a fresh start in a very simple way, share those 2 steps to take with people in YOUR circle of influence, and help them create a fresh start. We can all easily do this regardless of how busy our life may currently be. No need to talk to people for hours, nor hold classes nor even set up phone conversations, unless you have the time and desire to do so, of course. Just share these 2 steps with those who want to have a fresh start in their life. That's it! You decide how best to share that; it varies from person to person - there is no "best way" to share.

The Main Purpose for a Christian to Build a Network Marketing Business

The Main Purpose for a Christian to Build a Network Marketing Business
God wants to free our schedules so we have time to listen to Him. One of the things He desires to tell us is where He wants us to serve Him each day. He does not want us to be so preoccupied with making money that we don’t have time to sit and listen to where HE wants to use us and it what specific way on any particular day.

For most of us, our lives are currently so stressed out that we have no time to care for our physical health, which in turn creates chaos in our mental, emotional and spiritual life. God knows we need money in this world in order to not just survive from day to day, but also to thrive. We can’t get anything or go anywhere unless we have money, but working a full-time job in order to make that money has been creating lifestyles that are way too hectic. 

The majority of us feel that spending time with God is a waste of time because it’s not creating an income to care for ourselves and our family, but taking Him out of our life has created emotional and mental chaos. Coming to God with the intent of listening to Him and asking Him where He wants us to serve Him each day is the most important activity we can do. 

We must learn to quiet our hearts and minds and listen intently to His voice. At first it may feel awkward and others may make us feel like it’s a waste of time, but once we surrender ourselves completely to Him and build an intimate relationship with Him, that time with Him will be the time we most look forward to each day. We will crave time alone where we can simply sit in silence, listening to His still voice; we will no longer feel bored when we have to wait in line, or in a dentist office, or in a court room when we are called in for jury duty at a specific time for several days or weeks, etc. 

So how can we bring in a great income without working a full-time job or as  business owners with the intent of making it thrive? The answer lies in the network marketing profession. 

Before you dismiss me, listen up for a moment. I am not asking you to become sales people for a specific company nor to be talking incessantly about a specific product line. I’m also not going to ask you to recruit leaders so that you can be compensated monetarily by the company you choose to represent. That should never be our main objective. 

The main goal of the network marketing profession, aka MLM, is to create a LIFESTYLE in which we do not have to worry about money ever again. We will be able to live wherever we want to live without worrying that won’t have the money to do so. We will be able to travel if we desire. We will be able to have time to take care of ourselves physically - we will have time to dedicate to exercise, to fix and eat nutritious meals, and to get enough rest during the day and sleep at night - so that we will not be physically, mentally and emotionally drained all the time. And, of course, we will have time to sit and listen to God in whatever setting we prefer (at home, on a walk, at the beach, out fishing, camping, etc) and pursue an intimate relationship with Him; we will have time to sit quietly and listen to His instructions so we can joyfully serve Him in a specific way on any specific day without any time constraint or conflict. 

As we each share our experiences with the products we use from the specific network marketing company with which we choose to partner, we help others create their own memberships. If they choose to do the same thing, then we are effectively building a business that requires very little time from us and the company will compensate us all monetarily. 

However, I must admonish you to NOT pursue this as your full-time career right away. It’s important that you learn to merely invest 10% of your current household income - from the way you currently make money right now (and even if that is currently unemployment money you get from the government) - and, as your income surpasses what you need each month to live, then you can choose whether or not to let go of your current job.

The time it will take for you to create an income that surpasses what you are currently making will vary tremendously, but as long as you don’t quit, you will be create an income that surpasses your expectations. 

Your main goal must always be to create a lifestyle that is peaceful and that frees up your time so that you can pursue what God desires you to do every day, which will vary since there is so much He wants to do in this world. That is why He endowed each of us with certain gifts, talents, and personalities.

He wants you to be healthy in every area of your life, so He wants you to create a lifestyle where you have the time to take good care of yourself physically, mentally and emotionally; through this ideal lifestyle you will be able to do so, so pursue it because it is most definitely attainable. Therefore, pick to partner with a network marketing company that offers products that are of very high quality and will enhance that healthy lifestyle

As you share your experience about the products from the company with which you chose to partner, do so with the intent of helping them know that these products exist and that they can get them as well; let them know the company will ship the products directly to their house, which is definitely a time saver - it’s time we can use doing other more important things. Once they receive the products and realize that the products truly do help enhance their life, ask them to please share their experiences as well so that people that they know can know that these products exist and they can purchase them in the same way as they are doing. As each of you starts doing this consistently, each of your individual businesses es grows, and therefore your income grows. One day you will receive a check that will help you be extremely grateful that you did this because now you will not have to ever worry about money again, and you have been able to create a very peaceful lifestyle where you could pursue your passions and desires God placed on your heart, while at the same time taking good care of yourself physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, by creating and maintaining healthy lifestyle habits.

6 Tips to Help You Cope and Thrive with Young Living

6 Tips to Help You Cope and Thrive with Young Living
Here are some easy tips that you can incorporate into your daily life to help you cope with everyday stresses, as well as help you thrive in life, no matter how busy your day may be.
Tip #1:  Fuel your body first thing in the morning 
You can’t get your car going, even if it's a Mercedes Benz, if you don’t have fuel in it. In the same manner, we need to also start out your day witha tall glass of water and some great supplements. I suggest you do the following: Drink 1-2 oz of Ningxia Red (mixed with 4 ounces water). Also, get your omega-3s with either a tablespoon of MindWise or 2-4 Omegagize capsules. Bonus thriving tip: add a teaspoon of Sulfurzyme powder to your NingXia Red (and maybe a few drops of Lime oil).

Tip #2: Fuel up throughout the day.
Life gets busy, but we need to make sure our body is boosted every few hours so that we have the energy to keep going. In addition to drinking lots of water to stay hydrated (hydration helps us stay energetic), take a tube of Nitro with you and drink it mid-afternoon, when you feel that slump. Simply put it in your water bottle, add a couple of drops of Lime (for extra yumminess) and fill with 6-8 oz water and some ice. Shake up and enjoy. It's a better boost than a chocolate bar or a cup of Starbucks coffee!

Tip #3: Use or Diffuse your favorite scents daily
Peppermint is invigorating. Lemon brings out a freshness in the air and helps us concentrate. Orange is very relaxing, as is Peace and Calming. The scent of Joy reminds us to be joyful no matter what is going on around us; valor reminds us to be courageous when we are feeling fearful (a synonym of valor is courage). Think about how you are feeling and use or diffuse an oil for that particular occasion, no matter where you may be. You will find your favorites the longer you are with Young Living!

Tip #4: Take Thieves Waterless hand purifier wherever you go.
You never know when you will need to clean up your hands! Easier to put a bit of this purifier on your hands then stand in line to wash your hands in a public restroom.

Tip #5: Get all your personal use and cleaning products from Young Living
It’s so much simpler to order our daily use products on the Essential Rewards than it is going to store and purchasing them, always making sure that we get products that will enhance our health. Okay…. sometimes Young Living runs out of some of the products because they’re so popular and we are growing so quickly, I get it, but …. as much as we can, let’s swap out our personal use and cleaning things and add them to our Essential Rewards monthly package. They have so many different categories now…. Even a make up one now! (Savvy Minerals) And if you have a new baby or toddler… They have a whole baby line of products as well. **Bonus tip: don’t wait until you’re completely out to order a new bottle of something; look into ordering as soon as you are half way down the current bottle. It will save you some grief (in case YL is out of stock later)

Tip #6: Take a few of your favorite oils with you everywhere you go
You never know when you may need one! Some I recommend you consider taking with you would be either Lavender or Frankincense, Peppermint, and Thieves. If there is an emotional oil you love smelling throughout the day…. like Valor, Joy or Stress Away…. definitely take that one with you and apply a drop or two on the back of your neck at any time.

10 Simple Healthy Lifestyle Tips to Follow

10 Simple Healthy Lifestyle Tips to Follow
1. Exercise 30 minutes a day. Make sure the program you choose is challenging for YOU.

2. Get 7-8 hours of sleep EVERY night. Our body needs to fully rest and recover so we can function properly.

3. Drink plenty of water every day. Divide your weight in half and drink that amount in oz (e.g a 200 lb person would drink 100 oz)

4. Take a day of rest every single week; do what will help you recover in body, mind, and soul. For me that day is Sunday.

5. Be mindful. “Mindfulness develops attention, concentration, and the ability to simply be present with little or no future orientation, past orientation or goal orientation choosing to be a human being rather than a human doing.” (Ian Gawler) 

6.  Learn to not allow emotions to take control of you in any situation. Choose to INTENTIONALLY let go of negativity and adopt an attitude of gratitude.

7. Just breathe. There's going to be a lot of chaotic moments, but just let go and breathe deep. Say the serenity prayer.

8. Fill your body with nutrients through the foods and beverages you consume and the supplements you take. Speaking of supplements, I get my supplements from Young Living. Everyone's needs are different,  but here is what I take to enhance my daily health: NingXia Red, MultiGreens, Sulfurzyme powder, and MindWise; I combine the first three in a shaker cup, add filtered water to it and 3 drops of Lime (Vitality) essential oil.  **Make sure the supplements come from a reputable company and that your body can fully absorb them.

9. Make sure the products you use on yourself are completely non-toxic, t.i non-harmful to your body or brain, and that that they also enhance your well-being. The brand I choose to use is Young Living. It simplifies my life to order my products from them every month and have them delivered to my home. 

10. Make sure the products with which you clean your home and your clothes, and those that you choose to use to make the air you breathe smell good, are completely toxin-free. You don't want anything in your home that could harm you, your babies, or your pets. 

I encourage you to learn to follow these healthy habits consistently and encourage others to do the same. In this way, we can all live healthy energetic lives, regardless of our age.

Join Our Joy-Givers Team

Join Our Joy-Givers Team
If you believe that wellness in every area of our life can be accomplished through healthy lifestyle habits that include taking good care of our gut health and choosing the products we use on ourselves and to clean our home wisely, consider joining our Joy-Givers Team.  

The PRIZE we are each after is abundant wellness in every area of our life - physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and financial. We also get to live a PURPOSEFUL LIFE as we aim to attain this goal 😍  Can’t get any better than that! The challenges and struggles along the way are merely tests that strengthen our character, making us EXCEPTIONAL leaders.

—> Look through this website (Tip: If you are on your cell phone, click on the three little lines, then on “HOME”, then on “LEARN MORE”; scroll down) and see what products Young Living offers us and see if they resonate with you. Look at the ingredients in many that you would use daily - it’s important that you are 100% sure you would use these products on a daily basis. 

—> Learn on this website also about the company itself and their “Seed to Seal” Promise. Do you think it’s a company you could trust to provide products that are always of high quality for your family?

—> Young Living knows we need money for everything we desire in this world, not just monthly bills, but also things like yearly family vacations and perhaps higher education opportunities for yourself or your kids, so click on the “OPPORTUNITY “ button on this website and learn what they offer all of us if we share about this company with others (in any way you prefer). 

If you decide you want to join us, click on  “Get Started Now” to easily sign up online.  You could also reach out to me or the person who shared this post with you if you have any questions (or to get their Sponsor ID, if someone else on our team shared this post with you) 
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