The Logic of the Network Marketing Model of Business

The Logic of the Network Marketing Model of Business
 The  network marketing model is usually seen as something mystical; a model in which few can achieve any success whatsoever because it's just so random. In this blog post I will show you, through simple math patterns, that it actually only works the way it does because it follows a very simple and logical pattern that leads to exponential growth of a team. 

In basic terms - which we all need, right? - it’s about multiplying instead of adding. 

We can add 16 people to our team by reaching out to 16 people and they keep the message to themselves, or… we could ask 2 people, who fall in love with the products like we have, to tell 2 people to ask 2 more people to keep the momentum going and tell 2 other people, who do the same thing. 

Let’s follow the math pattern process. We tell 2 people who each tell 2 people to keep the momentum going. We end up with 4 more on our team —> 2x2=4. Each of those 4 people tell 2 people —> 4x2=8. Now we we have 8 more people on our team. Let’s say each of these 8 people keep the momentum going and each tell 2 people —> 8x2=16; now we have 16 more people on our team! and all we did was reach out to 2 people who kept the momentum going.

Now let’s say that instead of 2 people, we double our efforts and we reach out to 4 people who keep the momentum going and each tell 4 people. 

Let’s follow the math here. We reach out to 4 people who each reach out to 4 —> 4x4=16. We already have 16 on our team! Let’s say each of these 16 people keep the momentum going and  each focus on reaching out to 4 people —> 16x4=64! We have added 64 people to our team and all we did was reach out to 4 people who were willing to keep the momentum going. Pretty cool, huh? And very logical; not at all mystical as we thought.
Want to keep going a bit more with what happens if each of these 64 each reach 4? —>64x4=256. Let’s assume these 256 now see how awesome this pattern is and each reach out to 4 people each —>256 x 4 = 1,024! 

So, following this exponential growth pattern, in network marketing if we share with just 4 people how the products we use have made a difference in our lives, and they decide they want us to help them sign up with a membership with the company and they find out that the products are making a big difference in their life as well, and we ask them to keep the momentum going by sharing with just 4 people how the products have helped them… and they ask those 4 people to do keep up that momentum, before we know it, we will have reached 1,024 people with the message, and all we needed to do was ask 4 people to keep the momentum going, and they do it.

You see, exponential growth in this model of business is possible only when we all follow that pattern, meaning EACH OF US commits to keeping the momentum going by reaching 4 people that want to do the very same thing. It may not be the first 4 people you share with, but if you really love the products and you want to affect the lives of others in a massive way, keep looking for those 4 people that will help you keep the momentum going. 

Hey… Before we end, do you want to see what would happen if we reach out to 10 people following this exponential growth pattern? Check it out if you do….. We reach 10 who keep the momentum going and each reach 10 —> 10 x 10 = 100! If Each of those 100 reach out to 10 each —> 100 x 10 = 1,000! Should I keep going? I’m on a roll! LOL Each of these 1,000 reaches out to 10 —> 1,000 x 10 = 10,000! Each of those 10,000 reaches out to 10 because they see the logic of this pattern —>10,000 x 10 = 100,000!! 

Can you imagine being able to affect the lives of 100,000 people when all you need to do was teach 10 people to keep the momentum going, and they did? 

Pretty cool pattern!

The Main Purpose for a Christian to Build a Network Marketing Business

The Main Purpose for a Christian to Build a Network Marketing Business
God wants to free our schedules so we have time to listen to Him. One of the things He desires to tell us is where He wants us to serve Him each day. He does not want us to be so preoccupied with making money that we don’t have time to sit and listen to where HE wants to use us and it what specific way on any particular day.

For most of us, our lives are currently so stressed out that we have no time to care for our physical health, which in turn creates chaos in our mental, emotional and spiritual life. God knows we need money in this world in order to not just survive from day to day, but also to thrive. We can’t get anything or go anywhere unless we have money, but working a full-time job in order to make that money has been creating lifestyles that are way too hectic. 

The majority of us feel that spending time with God is a waste of time because it’s not creating an income to care for ourselves and our family, but taking Him out of our life has created emotional and mental chaos. Coming to God with the intent of listening to Him and asking Him where He wants us to serve Him each day is the most important activity we can do. 

We must learn to quiet our hearts and minds and listen intently to His voice. At first it may feel awkward and others may make us feel like it’s a waste of time, but once we surrender ourselves completely to Him and build an intimate relationship with Him, that time with Him will be the time we most look forward to each day. We will crave time alone where we can simply sit in silence, listening to His still voice; we will no longer feel bored when we have to wait in line, or in a dentist office, or in a court room when we are called in for jury duty at a specific time for several days or weeks, etc. 

So how can we bring in a great income without working a full-time job or as  business owners with the intent of making it thrive? The answer lies in the network marketing profession. 

Before you dismiss me, listen up for a moment. I am not asking you to become sales people for a specific company nor to be talking incessantly about a specific product line. I’m also not going to ask you to recruit leaders so that you can be compensated monetarily by the company you choose to represent. That should never be our main objective. 

The main goal of the network marketing profession, aka MLM, is to create a LIFESTYLE in which we do not have to worry about money ever again. We will be able to live wherever we want to live without worrying that won’t have the money to do so. We will be able to travel if we desire. We will be able to have time to take care of ourselves physically - we will have time to dedicate to exercise, to fix and eat nutritious meals, and to get enough rest during the day and sleep at night - so that we will not be physically, mentally and emotionally drained all the time. And, of course, we will have time to sit and listen to God in whatever setting we prefer (at home, on a walk, at the beach, out fishing, camping, etc) and pursue an intimate relationship with Him; we will have time to sit quietly and listen to His instructions so we can joyfully serve Him in a specific way on any specific day without any time constraint or conflict. 

As we share our experiences with the products we use from the specific network marketing company with which we choose to partner, we help others create their own memberships. If they choose to do the same thing, then we are effectively building a business that requires very little time from us and the company will compensate us all monetarily. 

However, I must admonish you to NOT pursue this as your full-time career right away. It’s important that you invest money from the way you currently make money right now (and even if that is currently unemployment money you get from the government) and, as your income surpasses what you need each month to live, then let go of the other ways you make money. 
The time it will take for you to create an income that surpasses what you are currently making will vary tremendously, but as long as you don’t quit, you will be create an income that surpasses your expectations. 

Your main goal must always be to create a lifestyle that is peaceful and that frees up your time so that you can pursue what God desires you to do every day, which will vary since there is so much He wants to do in this world. 

He wants you to be healthy in every area of your life, so He wants you to create a lifestyle where you have the time to take good care of yourself physically, mentally and emotionally; through this ideal lifestyle you will be able to do so, so pursue it because it is most definitely attainable. Therefore, pick to partner with a network marketing company that offers products that are of very high quality and will enhance that healthy lifestyle

As you share your experience about the products from the company with which you chose to partner, do so with the intent of helping them know that these products exist and that they can get them as well; let them know the company will ship the products directly to their house, which is definitely a time saver - it’s time we can use doing other more important things. Once they receive the products and realize that the products truly do help enhance their life, ask them to please share their experiences as well so that people that they know can know that these products exist and they can purchase them in the same way as they are doing. As you all do this, each of your individual businesses grows, and therefore your income grows. One day you will receive a check that will help you be extremely grateful that you did this because now you will not have to ever worry about money again, and you have been able to create a very peaceful lifestyle where you could pursue your passions and desires God placed on your heart, while at the same time taking good care of yourself physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, by creating and maintaining healthy lifestyle habits.

5 Traits of an Exemplary Network Marketing Leader

A true leader has certain traits that attract us to him or her, regardless of what rank they have achieved. This blog covers five very important ones:

1. Be enthusiastic, not simply excited

Excitement about a company and/or product will eventually wear off as time goes by and challenges rear their head. However, enthusiasm keeps us going regardless of how long we are on our journey to the top, and in spite of rejection and other hardships. Aim to cultivate enthusiasm early on in your network marketing career by constantly staying in learning mode and experiencing more and more products, not just your “basic few” to keep you afloat. If you become disappointed in the products, then switch companies until you find the “perfect ones” for your lifestyle, but never give up on this profession.

2. Be passionate and driven

When we are passionate about a product or company we can’t help but share because we know that the opportunity they offer us is out of this world. We know that there is something about the products that make them stand out above all others, and we are constantly understanding more and more why you have this feeling deep inside that you should continue to use them and tells others about them. Our passion and enthusiasm drive us to the top, but we enjoy the journey one day at a time.

3. Always be willing to learn, regardless of what rank you’ve achieved

The majority believe that we can’t learn anything from someone that ranks below us, and also that if we have achieved the highest rank we don’t need to learn anything new. We made it there, so we can stop learning now. However, a true leader is humble and realizes that they can always learn something from every single person, so they continue to attend seminars and listen intently to the speakers, as well as to people in the company that are striving to be excellent leaders. They know that all of us can always improve in some way every single day. We will never achieve the tip top of our wisdom and knowledge. 

4. Be an encourager
Every one of us needs encouragement from time to time. We will feel that the journey is just too hard at times, but when we read or hear an encouraging post or speech, we will realize that we simply have lost our focus along the way. We need someone there that will motivate, inspire and encourage us to refocus and stay on track. This leads us to our final trait.

5. Learn to persevere

Only about 3% of us will stay the course. Perseverance is hard if we feel that we are doing all the right things, but are not moving forward very fast. We get discouraged and start listening to those voices of others, or that are in our own head, that we will never make it; that we have given it all we got and that success in this area is just not meant for us. Don’t listen to those lies! Keep going. Learn to persevere and you will eventually reach the top. If God put that dream in our heart, He will make sure that it becomes a reality, but He never tells us exactly when this will happen. Trust His timing and continue to be enthusiastic, passionate and driven, always willing to learn and relearn things, and encouraging others you meet along your journey. Learn to persevere with an attitude of thankfulness for having been given this wonderful opportunity that makes no distinction between race, gender, educational level and social class. 

Investing Long-Term in Young Living

Investing Long-Term in Young Living
It’s very important to not spend all of the money we make each month; we must learn to manage it properly, as well as learn to save some and also invest some. This is the best way to be okay financially, and maybe even well off, regardless of what the economy of our country is doing.

Most people do not have thousands of dollars to invest in the stock market each month, plus we’ve got to be financially smart in order to be able to do this. Most also do not have tens of thousands of dollars to invest in real estate in order to buy houses and rent them out, or fix them up and sell them at a higher price. 

So, what could the average person do in order to invest? Well, one of the smart things that anyone could do, regardless of social-economic background, gender, race or education level is to invest between US$100 and $300 a month in a legitimate network marketing company. This would be all money in products the person would use monthly; tax and shipping must be added to it, so the approximate personal investment would be between US$120 and $360. Now, this is not a “sit back and watch your money grow” kind of investment. In order for this investment to pay off, we must be actively sharing our experiences with the products, as well as the opportunity to invest into the company, like we are. If everyone that puts aside fear and decides to invest the money would do it consistently, all of us would win financially in a massive way, depending on the compensation play that the company with which you are investing in offers, of course.

I personally invest no less than US $300 a month in a company called Young Living Essential Oils. This company is not only the leader in the essential oil industry, but it’s also a company that constantly is offering new products and product lines to help enhance our lifestyle. The ingredients in every single product are phenomenal, like few out there. The essential oils they produce come from plants that have been properly cultivated and harvested’ after that, they are distilled at the perfect temperature for the right amount of time (depending on the oil), and then bottled properly. 

It’s safe to say that many people are either fearful of investing in a network marketing company or they are taught to be skeptical, and therefore carry around this ingrained mentality that “all” network marketing companies are scams and “pyramid schemes” where very few people actually even have a remote chance to succeed. That is why we need to go at it avidly with the commitment to keep on sharing this investment opportunity for as long that is needed, and teach those who join us to do the same (duplicate our actions). It’s important that we understand how amazing this model of business truly is and how beneficial it is to everyone who decides to invest and stays committed to a simple plan of action, without ever losing heart. 

A person who invests in a company like Young Living must go in realizing that they may not see a return on their investment for many years. However, the fact that Young Living offers us products that enhance our life physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, and spiritually, we could say that it’s a wonderful investment in our HEALTH AND WELLBEING (quicker benefits, depending on what our health is like when we sign up for a membership, of course). The financial benefits could come quick, as they have for some leaders, depending on how quickly we get some go-getters who are risk-takers and set aside their fear and skepticism, but the reality is that, for most, it could take many years to reap the financial rewards we desire. As long as we understand fully that it may be a long-term financial investment, and do not stop investing into the company each month, and consistently share with others about our experience with the products and the investment opportunity, we will in the end be able to reap the financial benefits. Once we do, though, it’s important that we know how to properly manage that money! So learn how to do it as you consistently “build your business” and reap the health and wellness benefits, as well as tax the many tax write-offs that the government offers us for  building a small business. 

If you would like to invest in Young Livingplease contact me via this website, or simply sign up easily with the company using the links you can find on this same website; if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me privately. **You can also contact me privately via Facebook by CLICKING HERE.


Why Choose to Set Up an Account with Young Living

Why Choose to Set Up an Account with Young Living
Young Living is a company full of integrity. Its products go beyond the current standards set up for essential oils, as well as supplements, personal use products, and house cleaning products. That is the main reason why it's great to set up an account with them. We can get retail price, or we can get wholesale price.... Who doesn't prefer getting a 24% discount, right? 

Well, something that may stop you from signing up with Young Living as a wholesale member is the fact that it's a network marketing company. If you don't know much about this model. or have been led to believe it's a scam, take the time to keep reading this post to see why this model is actually a beautiful, well-thought-out model of business and that, when we purchase products directly from the company, signing up with our friend's sponsor ID (or through his personalized website), you are actually supporting his courageous efforts and vision. Read on to see why we say that:

When we choose to purchase from a network marketing company, we are supporting the efforts and dreams of someone we love, be it a friend or a family member. We acknowledge the fact that they courageously invested in a company that they have researched and know they have integrity in every way. If our friend is a person of integrity, he or she  has researched the ingredients of the products carefully and knows they will change their lives, which is why they decided to invest monthly in this company and are excited to tell you about them so that you can simplify your life by setting up and account from them and ordering directly from the company.
There is a lot of talk about network marketing, or MLM, being a "pyramid scheme", but actually corporate businesses, brick and mortar businesses, operate more like a pyramid. Network marketing is actually more like an upside-down pyramid, if we truly think about it. You see, when someone sets up a business, be it a good one or not. they are the ones that ultimately will make all the profit. They have to figure out a way to pay a lot of employees to work in different areas of the company and then they pay them for their efforts. Some are higher up in the pyramid (the business executives), but the majority are lower down, getting paid very little, with no chance of ever reaching the "business executive" level. Ever! They may choose to offer the opportunity to franchise the company, but few can afford to do that since it is very expensive to start up and to keep up the monthly and yearly fees.

On the other hand, the owner of a network marketing company chooses to use the money they would normally spend in huge advertising campaigns and gives the opportunity to billions of people around the globe to not simply have a job, but rank higher, and therefore get paid much more, than they ever could in a corporate brick-and-mortar business. Their perks are discounted products, as well as free products that they can trade in for points they accumulate from being a frequent buyer from their company (purchasing monthly); some companies offer free shipping for a certain amount of purchase, whereas others choose to give them free products. They also are very grateful to those who choose to join the company and tell others about the company and the products. The company compensates their efforts by educating them on the products and company in one way or another so that they can be more informed when they talk to others about them. Since they are in a sense "franchising" with them, they also send them commission checks if they decide to help others set up their accounts and are there for them along the way, inspiring them and helping them on their journey. It's a beautiful, well-thought-out business model that is helping millions around the globe.
So, next time your friend or family member comes up to you and tell you that they started up their own franchise with Young Living, don't laugh in their face (that is very disrespectful). Take the time to listen to why they decided to do join the company, and learn about products and company itself from them, either from them talking to you, or through a link, video, or other resources that they share with you. Then, if you believe that they are products that you would use on a regular basis, research the ingredients, make sure they meet your standards. If they do, ask them to help you set up your own account (they will either give you a direct link, or will give your their sponsor ID number). Switch brands - why not? It will simplify your life to order online, plus you would be supporting your friend or family member. You don't have to travel to a store to purchase it and you don't have to stand in line to pay either. 

Please - Be supportive and respectful of your friend who shared about Young Living with you; not everyone has the courage to do something that the majority are not currently doing.