2 Great Reasons to Purchase Essential Oils from Young Living

2 Great Reasons to Purchase Essential Oils from Young Living
Every time I turn around, it seems another company has launched their own essential oil brand. This is because essential oils are becoming very popular now. This is good, BUT, this means we need to be extra mindful from whom we purchase our essential oils since not all brands are created equal. In fact, many brands are so heavily adulterated that, not only do we not receive the benefits we were hoping to get from them, but they are actually HURTING those we love the most, including our babies and beloved kitties and puppies. 

So, why purchase from Young Living Essential Oils? Here are my 2 top reasons:

1. Their quality is unparalleled. There is a reason it is said that this company is the leader in the essential oil industry. They are extremely mindful every step of the process from the seed they plant to the bottling of the oil. First, they carefully prepare the land in which they will plant the seed, plus they carefully select the seed they will use as well. Then they are extremely mindful in their cultivation of every one of their plants, taking the time to not use any toxic fertilizers. They make sure each plant is harvested at the right time (even the right time of the day), and then distill every plant at the right temperature, for the right amount of time. It's definitely an art! They are careful to bottle them in little bottles that are well protected and won't get easily damaged. This is rightfully called their "Seed to Seal Promise".

2. They offer a financial opportunity to people all around the world, regardless of gender, education level, and age. This means that, not only can we receive the physical, mental, and emotional benefits from using Young Living's premium quality essential oils, but we could also have a way to bring in an extra incomeand perhaps even a great passive income once we retire from our "regular" job. (To view their Income Disclosure Statement, please go to the “home" page on this website. You will find a link there to follow and have access to it). 

Perhaps you yourself do not need any extra income, but you do want to purchase premium quality essential oils at a discount, Young Living allows you to do this as well. Just get a wholesale membership with them and receive a 24% discount on every purchase, regardless of how big your order is. 

**Lastly, if you find that you are purchasing from them every single month, sign up with their Loyalty Rewards Program so that, like me, you can receive between 10 and 25% back on your orders over 100 PV placed once a month via this program, depending on how long you have been on the program. You start at 10%, then go up to 20% in 3 months; after 2 years, they company will give you a whopping 25% back! What credit card will do that for you on any of your purchases

Investing Long-Term in Young Living

Investing Long-Term in Young Living
It’s very important to not spend all of the money we make each month; we must learn to manage it properly, as well as learn to save some and also invest some. This is the best way to be okay financially, and maybe even well off, regardless of what the economy of our country is doing.

Most people do not have thousands of dollars to invest in the stock market each month, plus we’ve got to be financially smart in order to be able to do this. Most also do not have tens of thousands of dollars to invest in real estate in order to buy houses and rent them out, or fix them up and sell them at a higher price. 

So, what could the average person do in order to invest? Well, one of the smart things that anyone could do, regardless of social-economic background, gender, race or education level is to invest between US$100 and $300 a month in a legitimate network marketing company. This would be all money in products the person would use monthly; tax and shipping must be added to it, so the approximate personal investment would be between US$120 and $360. Now, this is not a “sit back and watch your money grow” kind of investment. In order for this investment to pay off, we must be actively sharing our experiences with the products, as well as the opportunity to invest into the company, like we are. If everyone that puts aside fear and decides to invest the money would do it consistently, all of us would win financially in a massive way, depending on the compensation plan that the company with which you are investing in offers, of course.

I personally invest no less than US $300 a month in a company called Young Living Essential Oils. This company is not only the leader in the essential oil industry, but it’s also a company that constantly is offering new products and product lines to help enhance our lifestyle. The ingredients in every single product are phenomenal, like few out there. The essential oils they produce come from plants that have been properly cultivated and harvested’ after that, they are distilled at the perfect temperature for the right amount of time (depending on the oil), and then bottled properly. 

It’s safe to say that many people are either fearful of investing in a network marketing company or they are taught to be skeptical, and therefore carry around this ingrained mentality that “all” network marketing companies are scams and “pyramid schemes” where very few people actually even have a remote chance to succeed. That is why we need to go at it avidly with the commitment to keep on sharing this investment opportunity for as long that is needed, and teach those who join us to do the same (duplicate our actions). It’s important that we understand how amazing this model of business truly is and how beneficial it is to everyone who decides to invest and stays committed to a simple plan of action, without ever losing heart. 

A person who invests in a company like Young Living must go in realizing that they may not see a financial return on their investment for many years. However, the fact that Young Living offers us products that enhance our life physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, and spiritually, we could say that it’s a wonderful investment in our HEALTH AND WELLBEING (quicker benefits, depending on what our health is like when we sign up for a membership, of course). The financial benefits could come quick, as they have for some leaders, depending on how quickly we get some go-getters who are risk-takers and set aside their fear and skepticism, but the reality is that, for most, it could take many years to reap the financial rewards we desire. As long as we understand fully that it may be a long-term financial investment, and do not stop investing into the company each month, and consistently share with others about our experience with the products and the investment opportunity, we will in the end be able to reap the financial benefits. Once we do, though, it’s important that we know how to properly manage that money! So learn how to do it as you consistently “build your business” and reap the health and wellness benefits, as well as tax the many tax write-offs that the government offers us for  building a small business. 

**Here is a link to Young Living’s 2022 Income Disclosure Statement: https://library.youngliving.com/en/us/U.S.-%26amp%3B-Canada-Annual-Income-Disclosure-Statement/134978856

If you would like to invest in Young Livingplease contact me via this website, or simply sign up easily with the company using the links you can find on this same website; if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me privately. **You can also contact me privately via Facebook by CLICKING HERE.