Focus on sharing JOY throughout the world

Focus on sharing JOY throughout the world

God promises us to trade our sadness for the oil of joy(Isaiah 61:3). He wants to fully restore our lives and the oil of joy is a physical symbol of what He will do in our lives if we surrender to His plan for our life. Do you believe this?

God doesn’t want us to be Christians by name only. He wants us to RADIATE His joy throughout the world, both online and offline. When we learn to abide in Him, He will take all our years of sadness and trade them in for joy. 

The joy God gives us we cannot find in this world; we can’t even imagine it exists if we have not fully experienced it before. It is a joy that is ever-present regardless of our circumstances. It’s the joy that the apostle Paul experienced in the Bible and why he could always write such encouraging letters to the different churches. Read through the book of Philippians - read it again if you already have - and realize that Paul is speaking these words while he is in prison for simply spreading God’s word of hope to the world. 

When go through hard times, our faith and trust in God - Father, Son, and Holy Spirit - can grow stronger instead of allowing those times to embitter us. As we draw closer to Him, resisting the devil who is trying to make us lose hope and joy, and we experience God’s comfort and can learn to be joyful regardless of our circumstances, God can use us in POWERFUL ways. 

You may not be in the place where you feel you can share that joy because you still feel the hurt of so many years of pain and are having a hard time forgiving those who hurt you. I understand. I’ve been there! By joining the Joy-Givers group you are simply COMMITTING TO A JOURNEY in which you will surrender to God all your years of sadness and you publicly declare that you will abide in Him so that He can transform your life in order for you to share joy. 

You will take it one day at a time on this journey. You will start each day declaring God’s promises over your life, but you can only do this if you take time to study the Bible and learn those promises that are both in the Old and the New Testament. 

This journey is all about a mindset and lifestyle change: 

~ You will start to think about what you eat and drink, making sure your body is getting the nutrients it needs so that you can be healthy, fit and energetic every single day of your life. 

~ You will get into the habit of exercising 30 minutes a day at home or at a gym with a program that is challenging for YOU. 

~ You will learn to go through every room in your home and see what products you can swap for those that Young Living offers, experiencing the difference that they make in our lives because they are made with essential oils that have the “Seed to Seal” quality. 

Don’t worry about how long the journey will take. Simply enjoy each day and always wear a smile knowing that God WILL be faithful to complete the work that He started in you when you said “yes” to become part of the Joy-Givers team. 

ACTION: Every morning apply Young Living’s JOY essential oil blend as a perfume or cologne, or diffuse it in your bedroom or living room; If you don't like this scent, try using another uplifting oil, like maybe orange. Repeat to yourself that God will trade your sorrows for His joy. Remember also that the Joy of the Lord is our strength. (Nehemiah 8:10) 

**If you struggle with depression or with low self-esteem, like I do, I also recommend applying the oil blend of VALOR on your wrists, back of your neck, and/or bottom of your feet. Ask God for the courage to keep going on the path He has laid out for you and wants you to take, promising you that He will be with you always.   

 READY TO GET STARTED on the leadership journey? Here are the steps you need to take:

1. Contact the person who shared this post with you and ask them for their personal website or their Young Living sponsor number to enter into the online form at the Young Living website. **If you would like me, Mirdza Hayden, to be your sponsor, my number is 918382. 

2. Purchase the Business Essential Kit. Optionally: Choose one of their Premium Starter Kit you desire, since they are an amazing value. I recommend getting the Premium Starter Kit with one of their diffusers so that you can start scenting your home beautifully. If you are more into immediate lifestyle changes without having to learn about the oils right away, then get the Premium Starter Kit with Thieves. If you were introduced to NingXia Red and want to start drinking it daily right away, they also offer the Ningxia Red Premium Starter Kit which has 4 bottles of my favorite daily supplement and also a box of Ningxia Nitro which is very refreshing to take combined with NingXia Red, lime oil and some water in the middle of the afternoon slump. **You may also be interested in getting the make up Premium Starter Kit. You decide, or talk to your sponsor to see which one would be the best one for you to start with. They are all an amazing value, that I can guarantee you.

3. Join their autoship Rewards Program, called “Subscribe and Save”, right away as a sign of commitment to living a healthy lifestyle, and thereby swapping many of the products you are currently using for those that Young Living offers. Go through the catalog that you will receive in the starter kit and see what all they offer. You will be amazed!

4. Create a blog post like this one so that you can share the message YOU want to share. Write in it what being on the Joy-Giver team means to YOU. **At the end of the post, paste this part of the blog - the section under “Ready to get started?” This will allow you to PASSIVELY SHARE about the Joy Givers team while you go about your day to day life.

Let’s JOYFULLY get Fit and Healthy Together

Let’s JOYFULLY get Fit and Healthy Together

Would you like to be fit and healthy in every area of your life? Become part of our joy-givers team and let's work on achieving that goal together! 

 Here's a SIMPLE PLAN you can follow and share with those who you want to invite to join us on our journey. This plan can work REGARDLESS of how busy your current schedule may be, as long as you 1) desire wholeheartedly to live a fit and healthy lifestyle that can be life-transforming, and 2) desire others you know to be able to do the same. 

 So, here is the plan:

1. Commit to following the "10 Healthy Habits" list (I will share it with you; just contact me on Facebook - click here and send me a Private Message). You can start with one or two of them so you don't get overwhelmed. For example, commit to an exercise program that involves 30 minutes of exercise 5 days a week; or commit to doing intermittent fasting which is a great way to laser focus on your eating habits and behaviors. 

 2. Sign up with Young Living and purchase their Business Essential Kit, or just some products you really would enjoy trying out, with the intent of using them on a regular basis. 

 3. Sign up with their Rewards Program: “Subscribe and Save” so that you can commit to budgeting for products that will enhance your lifestyle. This program is superawesome!! Once you learn about it and actually experience it first-hand, you will know what I mean. 😉

 4. Invite people you care about to join you on your journey. Invite people in your social media networks as well. Do it in a way that feels completely natural for you to share; you're not trying to sell anything to anyone... Just inviting them to join you on your journey so you can all enjoy being fit, healthy and energetic - a goal most of us have. Hence the reason so many have a new year's resolution to either "lose weight" or "get fit", right? Unfortunately, many lose interest after realizing what a commitment it is to do this, or realizing that they've failed so much in the past.

**Above all,  let's COMMIT to this lifestyle ourselves and enjoy inviting others to join us; let's STAY COMMITTED so people can know we are serious about getting and staying fit, healthy energetic even when we arein our 80s and 90s - or maybe 100s?  😂 

The Logic of the Network Marketing Model of Business

The Logic of the Network Marketing Model of Business
 The  network marketing model is usually seen as something mystical; a model in which few can achieve any success whatsoever because it's just so random. In this blog post I will show you, through simple math patterns, that it actually only works the way it does because it follows a very simple and logical pattern that leads to exponential growth of a team. 

In basic terms - which we all need, right? - it’s about multiplying instead of adding. 

We can add 16 people to our team by reaching out to 16 people and they keep the message to themselves, or… we could ask 2 people, who fall in love with the products like we have, to tell 2 people to ask 2 more people to keep the momentum going and tell 2 other people, who do the same thing. 

Let’s follow the math pattern process. We tell 2 people who each tell 2 people to keep the momentum going. We end up with 4 more on our team —> 2x2=4. Each of those 4 people tell 2 people —> 4x2=8. Now we we have 8 more people on our team. Let’s say each of these 8 people keep the momentum going and each tell 2 people —> 8x2=16; now we have 16 more people on our team! and all we did was reach out to 2 people who kept the momentum going.

Now let’s say that instead of 2 people, we double our efforts and we reach out to 4 people who keep the momentum going and each tell 4 people. 

Let’s follow the math here. We reach out to 4 people who each reach out to 4 —> 4x4=16. We already have 16 on our team! Let’s say each of these 16 people keep the momentum going and  each focus on reaching out to 4 people —> 16x4=64! We have added 64 people to our team and all we did was reach out to 4 people who were willing to keep the momentum going. Pretty cool, huh? And very logical; not at all mystical as we thought.
Want to keep going a bit more with what happens if each of these 64 each reach 4? —>64x4=256. Let’s assume these 256 now see how awesome this pattern is and each reach out to 4 people each —>256 x 4 = 1,024! 

So, following this exponential growth pattern, in network marketing if we share with just 4 people how the products we use have made a difference in our lives, and they decide they want us to help them sign up with a membership with the company and they find out that the products are making a big difference in their life as well, and we ask them to keep the momentum going by sharing with just 4 people how the products have helped them… and they ask those 4 people to do keep up that momentum, before we know it, we will have reached 1,024 people with the message, and all we needed to do was ask 4 people to keep the momentum going, and they do it.

You see, exponential growth in this model of business is possible only when we all follow that pattern, meaning EACH OF US commits to keeping the momentum going by reaching 4 people that want to do the very same thing. It may not be the first 4 people you share with, but if you really love the products and you want to affect the lives of others in a massive way, keep looking for those 4 people that will help you keep the momentum going. 

Hey… Before we end, do you want to see what would happen if we reach out to 10 people following this exponential growth pattern? Check it out if you do….. We reach 10 who keep the momentum going and each reach 10 —> 10 x 10 = 100! If Each of those 100 reach out to 10 each —> 100 x 10 = 1,000! Should I keep going? I’m on a roll! LOL Each of these 1,000 reaches out to 10 —> 1,000 x 10 = 10,000! Each of those 10,000 reaches out to 10 because they see the logic of this pattern —>10,000 x 10 = 100,000!! 

Can you imagine being able to affect the lives of 100,000 people when all you need to do was teach 10 people to keep the momentum going, and they did? 

Pretty cool pattern!