Joy-Givers Team: Pursuing a Healthy Lifestyle

Joy-Givers Team: Pursuing a Healthy Lifestyle
Our Young Living team is created around the premise that a healthy lifestyle is what we need to be fit and healthy for life, not just for a season, and that we all have time to help someone online every day to BE JOYFUL, no matter how busy our schedule may be.   Our desire is to live the healthiest most balanced lifestyle possible and then help others achieve the same thing. 

We don't want to simply survive day by day, but rather THRIVE and be joyful regardless of what is going on around us. 

We aim to help as many people as possible achieve their fitness goals and thrive in life, joyfully,  just as we are accomplishing ours, knowing our goals are not accomplished overnight, but that it is a lifetime journey striving to improve on a daily basis.
Our goal is to help others understand that it's not achieving a certain rank in Young Living at a record pace that is most important, but it is becoming the leader that this world needs: one that leads by setting a good example. We strive to live lives that are BALANCED IN EVERY AREA,  filled with INTEGRITY,  and maintaining the 10 core healthy habits. We share about Young Living because we know that this company offers us products that truly enhance and simplify our life, and that having a wholesale membership with this company helps us meet our goals. 
Let's strive together to make this world a better place by sharing about Young Living not just to create residual income and achieve the top rank of Royal Crown Diamond, but to show others how amazing it is to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle that is enhanced with Young Living's products.