Pregnancy & The Restless Legs That Go With It

Pregnancy & The Restless Legs That Go With It

As many of you know, I am pregnant with baby #2!  I'll be 31 weeks on Thanksgiving Sunday.  I've always been a bit of a fidgety person, more so when I'm getting tired or over tired.  Add being pregnant to that mix; not the happiest of campers when it comes to winding down in bed for the night.  There have been a few sleepless nights between being restless and under no circumstances, being able to get comfortable.  That was all expected, and I find me reminding myself that I am growing a human inside my belly!  This past week however, my short legs went beyond restless.  I couldn't keep them still for longer than 15-20 seconds.....and no, that is not an exaggeration.  As I tossed, turned and kicked for well over an hour I couldn't help but get frustrated (more so because I know that poor Ty isn't sleeping because his wife has created a never ending earthquake).  On the verge of having a hormonal meltdown, I got up, found my bottle of Lavender and some body lotion and loaded both my calves up with about 6 drops on each leg (I was aiming for 4 drops, but I did this in the dark).  I'm super thankful for the calming properties lavender has because shortly after, I was asleep.  This has now become a nightly routine, and the earthquakes have stopped.  

One thing I've done differently this pregnancy than I did with Addison was take a calcium supplement right from the start.  I had so many Charley Horses with her, there was no way I was going to wait for the doctor to tell me to start taking them.  My plan had worked this whole pregnancy, until 3 nights ago.  I was woken up from a dead sleep, gasping for air and yelling for Ty to wake up (poor guy had no clue what was going on, and as usual doesn't complain, just asks what he can do to help.....seriously best husband EVER).  I knew I had to unbend my leg, but wouldn't be able to massage the area because you know, flexibility and pregnant do not go together for me.  I kicked out my leg and Ty tried to massage it out.  I asked Tyler how big the area was that was spasming, and he showed me with his hands; it appeared to be the size of a half tennis ball.  All he could say was, "that was intense."  Once that fiasco was over, I got my bottle of Deep Relief and rolled it all over that area on my calf.  I needed that soothing feeling on my muscles, in hopes that I wouldn't get another one that night(In the past, once I get 1, I've gotten up to 3 in the same night, in the same spot).  Luckily I was in the clear.

Young Living Oils Vs. Wax Melt Warmers

I've wanted to do a post for quite a while in regards to comparing the effects of diffusing 100% therapeutic grade oils and wax warmers.  I could compare therapeutic grade oil and "natural oil", but with what I have been reading the past couple days; those natural oils are in the wax melts.  I also have 4 warmers in my home, that I no longer use to melt anything....but I'll get to "the why" in a little bit.

First off, I thought it would be easy to find a bunch of negative information in regards to chemicals found and used in the wax bars that you put in the warmers.  I only looked into the company in which I purchased my own Warmers from.  I found quite a few blog sites completely slandering the company.  Then I read the comments that people can leave at the bottom of the posts, and I came to one conclusion.  Everyone seems to be their own expert.  Everyone is all of a sudden a creditable source because they have an opinion and can copy and paste certain parts from another website to make their argument look better.   So, I decided to scrap my original idea of what this post was going to look like, because I CAN'T knowingly say "wax bars have this, this and this in them.....which can cause this, this and so forth."

Here's what I CAN say.....I have bought 4 Scentsy warmers of some sort a couple years ago, 1 larger one and 3 plug ins for the bathrooms so I can use them as night lights.  I bought quite a few different scents ( I like the yummy smelling ones, that make you want to eat them).  I did not use them that often, usually only when company was over.  In December of 2015 I bought my first Young Living Premium Starter kit.  In February of 2016  I bought my 2nd Premium Starter kit and signed up as a Distributor and started the Essential Rewards program.  I have since put the wax bars in the little warmers I have in the bathrooms, and was extremely disappointed that in 10-20 minutes I had a massive headache.  That being said, I now get a headache when I walk into the Saje store in Guildford mall. 

The ingredients on a Scentsy Bar package: wax, fragrance, dye.

The ingredients on a bottle of Young Living Peppermint oil:  Peppermint Essential Oil

The ingredients on a bottle of Young Living Orange oil: Orange Essential Oil


Its the "fragrance" portion of the ingredients that I'm doing the comparison on.  I did read a Scentsy Consultant's blog and she herself states they use essential oils to fragrance their wax, along with synthetic scents.  It just goes to show that when you have been diffusing something so pure for a long period of time, your body builds up an intolerance to the things that aren't pure. 


So this is the reason why my plug in warmers have been used strictly as night lights.  If there is anyone who is a Scentsy lover, you are more than welcome to my wax bars that I have.  As for using the warmers for what they were intended to be used for, I have come across some home made recipes that I can use my Young Living oils in and make my own wax bars :)

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