After using Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils for just over 12 years now and seeing first hand many wonderful things, the answer to this question is yes.

However, Dr Peter Minke, PhD a speaker on the Young Living circuit found himself with a child who did have an adverse reaction to peppermint and wintergreen due to the menthol content.  These two oils can have the effect of antheatising the respiratory system.  This happens to 1 in 10,000 babies according to Dr Minke.  One could safely assume he would know being a doctor as well as a parent of a child with this condition.  

So the question becomes how do you know if you are dealing with one of these one in 10,000 babies, well you don’t!

So now what? Well you become a scientist, you experiment with an open mind and heart, you watch, you observe and there by learn.  Learning through your own personal experience leaves you with an inherent certainty and knowing, a knowing that can’t be taken from you and a knowing that enables you to stand stead fast, not in arrogance but just because you know.    

You start by diffusing just one drop near the baby or let the baby smell the oil, if all goes well, which you have a pretty good chance that it will, you can gradually increase the use of what ever oil you feel will be of benefit to the child until such time as the desired result is obtained.   Peppermint is actually very good for cooling babies when they get too warm and can have many wonderful benefits that are potentially life saving .. mmmm.

If you would like to apply essential oils to your babies skin start by diluting with a good quality vegetable oil, Young Living V6 is especially lovely for your baby as it is a light and not at all greasy vegetable oil that absorbs easily.  As you and your baby become accustomed to the oils, you will eventually become confident and comfortable and be able to apply the oils to your baby neat.  My bet is if you do this you and your baby will love them, they will provide delightful bonding time in massage and touch and you will find that oils have many benefits for you both, better sleep being just one of them.  

I have been with Gary in person when he shared with a small group of us that when his son was born he immediately applied the Raindrop oils neat to his spine, including wintergreen and peppermint.  Now I am not saying that you should do this (and as bold as I am with oils I am not too sure I would go this far) but it does highlight that our oils are quite safe to be using on babies.  As a side note Mary was using oils to get pregnant, the oils were used abundantly and constantly during pregnancy and Mary was in excellent health, understanding this as a back drop to the situation makes it seem more reasonable as the baby would already have been quite accustomed to the oils (lucky boy if you ask me)  

I have seen so many instances of oils being used near and on babies and every time the results have been nothing but positive.  

Broadening the horizon somewhat and taking a step back and looking at a bigger picture I would like to put some muses in this blog for your consideration.

I always watch with interest (well sometimes horror if the truth be told) at what medicines mothers will give their babies/children.  Medications with listed side effects (some quite serious like death?) are given to children without a second thought?  Yet come along and suggest a pure essential oil and people may look at you in wide eyed amazement and raise all sorts of concerns. A basic internet google search will reveal that 100,000 people in America alone die from prescription drugs each year - really?   Errr um .. where is the logic?  Perhaps some people are not looking in the right hen house with regard to their concerns?  I mean hells bells basic household cleaning products are potentially more harmful than our oils to babies.  

Plant based solutions for supporting and balancing our health have been around and used for millennia - modern pharmaceutical medicine (and chemical household cleaning products) have not.

So here is my encouragement for anyone who has taken the time to read this.  Go forth with sensible caution and faith in your heart.  Use your YL oils, watch the results and your confidence in them will grow and you will experience many many benefits, some of which will up lift and seem like miracles, and should you choose to share you will also positively effect the lives of others, for our oils are GOOD and bring Joy and goodness to so many.

PS To be VERY clear these passages have been written with YL oils in mind I would NOT say this about any other essential oils.