2018 Goals--not resolutions!

2018 Goals--not resolutions!
Wow--I was NOT kidding when I said I was bad at resolutions.  I don't even remember what the last post was talking about.  

2018 started out completely shitty for my family because of me and my crazy.  I thank God every single day for them and their unconditional love and patience.  I'm the worst...it's my brain chemistry (literally 3 days off meds and I was the wicked witch of the entire universe), not much I can do about it except take my medicine and actually remember to pack it when I'm traveling. 

Anyhoooooos....I have a lot of goals on my list for 2018 that I have a good start on already (at least for now).  I doubt anyone is actually reading these at this point, so I feel like this is a pretty safe zone to write those goals down and actually make myself accountable.  Let me summarize them at a high level, to spare you the minutiae of the planning process:

  1. Work on my business concept...this is one that I'm not quite ready to share yet but I want to work for me and do what I love to do!  Part of this, of course, is to get my tail moving with sharing the great things YL has done for me and my family.  Can't wait til the convention in Chicago with our Sweet Abundance leader--she makes me laugh.
  2. Work on my health (fitness, diet, weight loss, learn this Oola balance program I've been eyeing for a while)--the usual *insert eye roll*
  3. Improve our family's finances.  I have been that little devil on my own shoulder whispering YOLO when making decisions that ultimately end up being the most self-indulgent one.  Together, MyDude and I will get a budget in place and stick to it.  Tightening our belts a bit now will help us prosper in the future
  4. Improve my knowledge base.  I hate school but I need learning opportunities to keep me engaged (at work, in life, etc).  This year, I hope to learn at least one new skill/activity per quarter.  The ideas I've been kicking around include learning a water sport, learning how to use that smoker that's been sitting on the deck for too many years, knitting, mastering that Cricut machine I've just begun learning
  5. Improve my organization--both time and environmental.  I know I'm a weirdo, but I work best in settings that I find pretty, efficient, and effective.  Time to get this low hanging fruit addressed.  New office, new setting--my real J-O-B is gonna be super tough this year.  If I can make it through without losing all of my business, I need to use this year to put plans in place for 2019 when it's GAME ON!
  6. House improvements and focus on the family--a few house renos are hopefully in the stars for us in 2018 (certainly not all of what needs to be done) and we hope to take the kids to DC for their first "tacky tourists in the US of A" adventure

2017 New Year Resolutions

I hate new year resolutions. I last about 23 days before I decide that I need to postpone my diet until after this birthday or that trip. Soooo.....instead of dieting, I am going to try and focus on making healthier choices and being more active. Let's not get crazy here---I am a carb addict and love sitting inside my house and doing nothing, but indulging in my pleasures has led me to having weight loss surgery and the subsequent cosmetic surgery procedures that follow. Indulging myself has cost me a TON of money. Being fat cost me a lot of fun opportunities. It's time to change things up so that I can try new things and have more energy to do things with my family. Well...here goes nothin'!