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Meet Rita C Karydas


I started my health & wellness journey in 1978.

This is when I changed my lifestyle.  Instead of continuing taking over the counter and prescription meds for health challenges, I learned how food, diet, herbs and exercise contributed to my health and well-being.

I incorporated yoga, meditation and pray into my life and I started noticing positive changes.  

Douglas and I married in 1979 and have 2 wonderful daughters - both born at home.  And 2 amazing grandchildren.

In 1985, we had the first Certified Organic Herb Farm in East Texas.  Besides growing herbs on our farm, we had fruits, vegetables, flowers and antique roses.  I always loved creating products with herbs and hosting annual events as well as monthly to educate the public on Health & Wellness. 

I continued my education through attending classes, workshops, conventions & reading books as well as teaching what I was learning.  In 1985 I incorporated essential oils into my life.

I’ ve been studying and teaching about essential oils and  started a business infusing herbs and essential oils into body care products.  

I was teaching my friends and family yoga......It was time for me to become a Certified Yoga Instructor.  I have 3 different yoga certifications and I have to say Kundalini is my favorite!  I  taught yoga from 1999 - 2009.  

In 2000, I was introduced to Young Living essential oils and it was truly the turning point for my health and wellness.  I learned the benefits of diffusing, how and where to topically apply essential oils, and why and when to use Vitality essential oils as dietary supplements.

In 2009 Douglas and opened a health food store, ‘Rita’s Natural Food Market’, in New Braunfels, Texas.  This gave me the opportunity to continue to educate and share healthy living with all our customers. 

In 2018 we chose to move to Frisco, Texas to be closer to our grandchildren.

As I continued to work on myself, spiritually and emotionally, I became a Certified Aroma Freedom Practitioner.  This was another stepping stone which gave me the opportunity to release negative thoughts, feelings and memories that were interfering with my dreams and goals.   Learn more about Aroma Freedom as you continue to search through my website.

For anyone who is truly passionate about discovering how essential oils and Aroma Freedom can support your healthy body mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally, please message me about Samples and Surprises and a FREE Aroma Boost session.

Balancing Life,  Body, Mind and Spirit Naturally

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