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Reveal This Path To Toxin-Free Living

Make your home a warm, pure sanctuary. Discover how to create a healthier environment for you and your family, and live a lifestyle of wellness, purpose, and abundance.
Reveal This Path To Toxin-Free Living
Make your home a warm, pure sanctuary. Discover how to create a healthier environment for you and your family, and live a lifestyle of wellness, purpose, and abundance.
Reveal This Path Now

Reveal This Path Now

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Meet The Paisley Oils Team


I am a proud Wife and Mommy.  Jesus Coffee and Shoe Lover.   Oil fanatic and Registered Nurse.  Food Allergy-Warrior and Label-Reading-Ninja. (That's a secret title any parent of an allergy kid gets to have!)      

My name is Kathy Boggs, founder of Paisley & Clark- my blog about how this journey has been a long, educating, rewarding and yet,  AMAZING  one.  Challenging?  You bet.  Worth it?  Absolutely.  Never going back.  The changes in our health that we discovered after we began a chemical-free lifestyle and Young Living-  were PRICELESS- and I just HAD to start sharing with all of you!!!      

Small steps.   Big changes.   This is a process.  I found our unhealthy lives exhausting and didn't know if I could handle one more thing.  Honest.  But we started making small changes.   Did we try to do it all in a single day?? NO WAY!   No one can!   I found my best self in the journey I am on with Young Living.  I am sure glad I made this decision for myself and my family- and am so excited to get started with YOU!    

My initial goal was NOT to be a business owner- I just wanted to get healthy.  Then- it was just too good to keep to myself!

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With Paisley Oil Love~
Kathy ~  YL Member #3184969
Paisley & Clark 

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Hi! I'm Jaime Neville. I have been married to my husband, Brian for 20 years and we have TWO beautiful girls (8 and 10). My family is MY REASON for learning & making changes that I pray, will ultimately teach them to make HEALTHY choices and be able to live a LIFE of WELLNESS!!!

I have been on a journey of WELLNESS for about 3 years! It started with learning about the food industry and how it affects our health SO MUCH!   We, as Americans, are so unhealthy as a society, and it sickens me to think so many additives, preservatives and just plain disgusting ingredients are allowed to be in our food.   So with reading food labels, buying organic produce, eliminating processed foods, sugars, food dyes and artificial flavorings we began changing our eating habits and learning to choose WHOLE, REAL, FOOD!!!

As I learned more about how chemicals affect our health, whether in our food or in our beauty products, I started hearing more and more about ESSENTIAL OILS!!!     It was a NO BRAINER to me that I absolutely wanted to do everything I could to avoid as many toxic chemicals as possible!!   This is where my journey with Essential Oils started!  

When my dear cousin, KATHY BOGGS, shared with me how they helped her family so much, I was TOTALLY in!!   I have never regretted joining Young Living and her TEAM and starting my own “MY OILY TEAM”!!   I am so grateful that she was willing to SHARE and give me a chance to help my family rid so many toxic chemicals out of our bodies and home.  I love sharing more about natural products GOD intended for us to use!!!  I will be forever grateful and would LOVE to PAY it FORWARD by helping your family!!!❤❤❤

Jaime  ~ YL Member #3273552

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Hello Everyone!!
My name is Erin Miller and my journey to chemical-free living started over 15 years ago!!  It all began with my aunt,  and her quest to heal her body.   As a 20-something year old you think you're invincible, but as I watched her struggle- as age presented
sugar and thyroid issues- I began to think about my own health.    I had always been in good health and
I came from a good family that healed most ailments with a bandaid.  

I started to see a naturopath and the things he revealed about my own body were fascinating!!   He showed me how my body reacted to all the different chemicals all around me.   Some were natural irritants and others chemical.  I wanted to cleanse
myself and be healthier.

When my first of two baby girls came along,  I wanted to be able to help her have a good start to fighting off all the
nasties the world had to offer.   In that quest I was led toYoung Living Essential Oils!!   They are a great addition
to my regime.  

I would love to share all I've learned concerning living a chemical-free life with all of YOU.  Our bodies
were designed to heal themselves and when we support them with the proper nutrients - they will thrive!

Thank you for taking the time to read a little about me.  Feel free to contact me if I can help you along your
own journey to chemical free living.  

Much Love,
Erin  ~YL Member #11863165
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Hello! Amanda Fry here.    Wife, mom, full time HR manager, nurse, theater enthusiast (I even direct) and now THANKFULLY  a Young Living distributor. Wow that's a mouthful!!!   And I am sure many of you are even busier than me.

My daughter Lillian, now 6, is the reason for my new(ish) endeavor into essential oils.  It's all her fault!  As a family we had already switched to organic foods and were limiting chemical additives as much as possible. Lily started with some new issues and this lead to many doctor visits.  I quickly found myself pumping her little body with weekly shots, 2 daily medications, and had an inhaler for her late night coughing spells that kept us all up at night. It's in those wee hours that I would think to myself about the damage that all those chemicals were doing to her, not to mention the sleep she wasn't able to get. I did not want to continue this routine for potentially her lifetime.
So fast forward about a year...ever been in the right place with the right person at the right time? I was at the soccer field and ran into Kathy Boggs, and asked her about peppermint oil. That led to a discussion about essential oils and that led me to here. No meds for Lillian,  no symptoms either. And a new(ish) commitment to getting chemicals out of our lives, and supporting our bodies with oils and products that I trust

Thank you!  
~Amanda  ~ YL Member  #11775610
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