Essentially Yours One and Too!

Last weekend  my good friend and Young Living Business Builder Annie and I hosted our very first Oil Class at her home.  It was a monumental day for the two of us!  We have talked about this for months and last Saturday, we finally did it!

Talk about feeling your fears and doing it anyway!  We were both so nervous but so excited at the same time!  I think the excitement overwhelmed the nerves in the end.  We had a room full of family and friends surrounding us and encouraging us, which was such a blessing.

We used the scripts from Sarah Harnisch's book as the basis for our presentation.  It is important to us as we build our teams to present this as a very easily duplicatable process.  The scripts ensure we will always be compliant in our classes as we share our love of our essential oils with our guests. We chose to follow many of Sarah's tips for our afternoon event.  She really simplifies things in her "Gameplan" book!

Annie and I decided to have a little gift basket with some Young Living items that we already enjoy in our homes, and some we still want to try ourselves!  We used the entry forms from Sarah's book for this too, which easily captured the contact information for our prospects for follow up in the days ahead.  It was very well received by everyone!  Who doesn't love the chance to win a pretty gift basket with special healthy, chemical free treats for their home!

I did some baking to share at the class featuring our Young Living Einkorn flour to make a yummy Banana Walnut bread recipe ( and my standard Christmas Whipped Shortbread with about 8-10 drops of Young Living Lemon Vitality Oil to create my Whipped Lemon Shortbread cookies!  So delicious!!

We also picked up several information handouts from the Life Science publishing office here in the city.  They are an invaluable source of all things Young Living!  Our friends went home with a lot of good information and tips on how to work with their Premium Starter Kits, incorporate the Thieves line of cleaning products into their homes and do their own 'ditch and switch' throughout their households, and of course, learn how vital Ningxia Red is to their everyday health routines!

We are so grateful  to our family, friends and our wonderful husbands for their continued support in this journey into wellness, joy and abundance!  We have set the date for our next oil class!  Deep breath!  We know we can do this...and so can you!!

As Dr. Wayne Dyer once said "When you dance, your purpose is not to get to a certain place on the floor.  It's to enjoy each step along the way'"  And that's what we are doing...enjoying each step along the way!