Would you love to know How to Stay Purple in a Sea of Many Different Colors??

Here's what I found that has reallLy helped me

This is sooooo valuable. It's made all my relationships better when I can come from a purple point of view. 

Meet Crystal of PurpleCrystal333

 This is Me...

I am a Rainbow Wife, Mom, Self Care Coach, Reiki Practitioner, House Shiner, Shitake Shifter and Spiritual Wellness Business woman that Loves to Encourage and Empower others along their Journey as well. 

My journey began in the School of Hard knocks, which led me down a long path of Not feeling good enough, lot's of mistakes and successes along the way.  Throughout that time, I have spent a ton of time and money on Personal and Business Development along the path.

After struggling to find my groove and figure out how to grow our community authentically and heart centered, while maintaining a Quality Work, Family and Life Balance.

Fast forward to today, I left my corporate job & long commute to live in alignment with our Family Dreams while helping others do the same.  It's been a journey of Awareness mixed with a lot of Shift our Shitake, cause that's the bottom line.

We are Loving our Team of Beautiful Boss Beaches and our Fun & Sassy Shop @ PurpleCrystal333 is growing, our Rehoming and Cleaning Business I have paired down to a few clients, with a few spots open.

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Let's Join Hands to be our Best, through life's challenges

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