"Pine and Lime"

My husband walked into the room with a smirk on his face. Proudly saying, "I'm wearing my new scent".   I of course asked what it was in an equally prideful way, so happy he uses my oils.  He said, "Pine and Lime".  I thought, "hmm, I bet that's amazing!" Smelled his combo and sure enough, it's heavenly.  

This was the perfect intro to what I have been so happy about lately.  My family has been using oils enough now that they are their first go-to for most everything these days.   Whether they are in need of emotional support, skin health support, or they had their favorite dress go through the wash with a sticker on it, leaving a sticky, seemingly impossible to remove residue behind. 

Our day begins with a groggy morning. None of us are morning people except the littlest, loudest one who is going on three  in a couple months.  Coffee pot getting ready, while the littlest wake up and open their eyes to a morning pbs kids show.  The diffuser turned on with Cedarwood and Lavender in for mental and emotional support to start our day.  Oil infused breakfast smoothies starting when Daddy wakes up.  Clothes, on, lunches made, backpacks prepared.  Smoothies chugged and teeth brushed. All happening in under an hour most mornings. Whew. 

When we get home from our busy days, we "unwind" in a similar way. We have about an hour of "quiet time".  Just saying that makes me laugh.  Sometimes it's supposed to be that way and that quiet time doesn't happen until we are all asleep.  But, on a hopefully typical day. We all get home, I turn the diffuser, to finish out our combo of cedarwood and Lavender,  I clean and do dishes, kids watch another pbs show (one of the few channels I can somewhat tolerate these days).  The youngest heading to her room to play with her babies.

Then it starts. 

Somebody crashes into something once the hopeful quiet hour ends, the chasing and yelling commence.  I turn to my little oil shelf and apply something, for myself and probably for the person who has just crashed.  Begin to make dinner. Tame the chaos at some point, and have the homework time start.  

We have some time in the living room area together as a family.  Which usually, again, ends up I'm chaos..wresting and brawling like wild animals is the chaos I'm talking about here.  

I fill the diffuser for the second time. This time in the girls room.  Get their beds and jammies ready. Come downstairs, fill the living room diffuser for round two.  This time with maybe some pine, some Frankincense. Get the girls bath ready, a little Epsom salt and Lavender go in. They willingly get in, constant taming of chaos in there too, but one of the few times in the day they seem to get along the best.  Cherishing that moment, as I am getting their towels and  toothbrushes ready... I look at the time.  Bed time!!

Hurry our girls out of the bath, rinsing the last of the suds out of their hair.  We brush teeth, they put their night time oils on, they ask for food and say theyre hungry, and thirsty, and try to have things they have to finish. Nope...it's time. 

We all go upstairs, walk into their room where it smells like a lavender field💜 get into beds, stories are read as heads hit their pillows.

One more crazy, fun filled, lightening speed kind of day in the books.  The days go by so fast. But we have time with each other each day, the time spent might be going so fast it's a blur.   If we are lucky enough,  my husband and I can end up having a little time to go and enjoy a quiet moment.  We have a crazy busy life, and compared to some, we are pretty lax! But oils are a great way for us to support our body's systems throughout the day in a very convenient, wonderfully smelling kind of way.  Oils aren't the reason my life is so great, but they certainly help throughout my day to keep my systems feeling as prepared as can be for tackling anything from going to the grocery store with two kids, to having a down and out time for multitudes of reasons. Life is tough and rough..but oh so sweet too. You can always make time to stop and smell the oils.


Spray away little ones!

Today I was cleaning random things as I usually do. I was swapping out some toys to keep my toddler busy and interested.  We moved out her musical instruments and replaced with her little doll house. Right away we both noticed how dusty, dingy and dog hairy it was. I instantly went to the cupboard under the sink where there USED to be things that were off limits, grabbed Thieves all purpose cleaner bottle and paper towels and went to work on finding the doll house under all the yuck. My littlest helper of course wanted to join in and I realized...she can do it all and it's perfectly safe for her to! She kept herself busy spraying and wiping and repeating for  long enough I could do another chore while she was working away on her project. We were busy, our house is a little cleaner and smells great! But best of all, my little girl grew in confidence, because she got to do a big job, by herself. We talk regularly about how she cannot use whatever spray bottles  she finds because they can have dangerous things in them but she will tell me when we discuss safety about household products, "but ours is safe momma" and when I can reply "yes it is baby" I think we are all proud of that!!! Go Thieves!!!!!!!!

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