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Deep Pilates and Brianne

Deep Pilates and Brianne

Welcome Brianne Schenekl 

My Pilates Coach for ten years who has taught me depths of my body I'd never imagined existed. She has a tremendous gift of healing with gracious dignity. She and I began using Young Living Oils together. I became a distributor and she got to enjoy the integity of the Seed to Seal product. First with me as a diffuser during early morning workouts, gifts, and she became a customer. 

Now she is a distributor and combines awesome oils with her daughters, for herself and can for her clientelle, if they wish.

I love working with Brianne. She knows this stuff and is learning more everyday. I am blessed to have her as my teacher and friend.  Join us in the dance! 

Check out her YL website at:

Be Well and Choosen Joy.

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