Essential Oils in the Bedroom, What????

Essential Oils in the Bedroom, What????
Did I just say that?  I sure did!  When I say that essential oils can impact EVERY part of your body AND life, I am serious!  There are essential oils that help set the mood (or improve your mood!), help with libido, support the balance of your hormones and more!  

I use Clary Sage and Progessence Plus daily to help balance my hormones as I truck through peri-menapause and thank heavens have not had a crazy personal summer in probably a month or more!  These have also helped with other fun craziness that comes during this time in a woman's life!  Anyone else with me on this one?

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Diffusers OVER Candles

Diffusers OVER Candles
Every time I think I have removed all the candles, plugins and sprays from the house I open another cabinet and find more! I can't tell you how many of these I have thrown out! 

Why am I am I being this crazy lady who is throwing out all candles, air "fresheners", plug ins and more? Because most of these items contain one or or more of the following: 

👉other toxic ingredients 

These ingredients can interfere with our hormones, immune system, reproductive system and only "mask" odors. 
I want no part of this and this has been part of journey, a difficult part. Why difficult? Because I love my house to smell good and I HAD a love đź’“ affair with candles especially. Anything in our journey worthwhile is not going to be easy peasy and now I don't even think of purchasing any of these items and actually now when I am around them, they give me a headache and make me tired. Interesting and very telling for me that I have made the right choice.

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