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Stephanie Cottrell

Open The Door To Dynamic Health

Reveal this exciting key to supporting dynamic health and well-being. This ancient secret has changed the lives of millions and is used daily by just as many.

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Open The Door To Dynamic Health

Reveal this exciting key to supporting dynamic health and well-being. This ancient secret has changed the lives of millions and is used daily by just as many.

Will you be next?

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More than a passion it is a life style! Be "essential oil" ready for emergencies?


All new wholesale team members get 24/7 mentorship PLUS   a free resource gift from me;  plus access to all my seminar notes, tips and guidelines .

      Hello, and welcome to 'The Oily Ark'; my Young Living Team website.

You may have been sent here by a business builder in my team - GREAT! and no worries - the membership or order links are directed to credit the person that sent you to this site. WELCOME.

I hope you find the information here helpful and  CONGRATULATIONS on taking these steps to a healthier chemical free life style with Young Living Essential Oils and Products. I feel so blessed to have made this transition myself as I remove chemicals found in cleaners, cosmetics and even food products from my daily routines with the help of the many versatile Young Living Products and Essential Oils. Although I was initially drawn to  Young Living to serve my animals with these products and learning all I can about those processes - I ALSO use them myself, support members and their families and train exclusively to learn how to incorporate the wonderful Young Living Products into ALL aspects of our daily lives.  

I have a passion for all animalsOne of the most important factors for me choosing Young Living is that I can safely use all the essential oils and most products I love to use  on ALL my animals; as well as with the Raindrop Technique and Reiki healing modalities. That is how much I believe and trust in our Seed to Seal Process and commitment to purity & safety.  No other company can guarantee this. I have trained and continue to train extensively on the benefits of our YL products and EO's with companion animals, livestock and all creatures in need as well as our children and elder family members.  I can't stress enough the importance of having certain YLEO's and Products on hand prior to human and animal emergencies.  Join my team here or through one of my business builders and I will share these tips and scenarios with you and be available 24/7 to support you.     

                                                                       You and your family are worth it!

REGARDLESS OF WHERE YOU ARE LOCATED - I would be delighted to welcome you to my YL team and offer you a solid commitment to be there for you as a mentor and leader for all your essential oil and product concerns or needs. The internet makes this very easy to stay connected.  I am constantly learning and attending training to further my expertise so that I can in turn share this valuable knowledge with you. Whether purchasing for your personal use or building your own home business please allow me to mentor you on this exciting journey for health and abundance.

In keeping with the way I was raised (all over the world and the United States as the daughter of an Air Force Command Fighter Pilot and then as a Contractor with the USAF/Surgeon General for many years)  integrity and trust are essential components to any endeavor I would affiliate myself with.  If that is important to you as well; then Young Living is the right choice for you too. 

 It matters who you enroll with as a sponsor - I would love to  WELCOME you to my team!  My enroller ID is already filled out in the membership form linked to this page. If you have come here through an affiliate - their info will be filled in automatically.  Membership in this team or any YL team DOES NOT REQUIRE you to manage a business or recruit other members to enjoy the wholesale buying privileges.  You will, however, be able to do that if you choose. 

 I am still looking for additional team members that wish to build their own home business and YL teams in my network so please let me know through the 'contact me link' here if that interests you when you say "Hello".  Click on the OPPORTUNITY button at the top of this page for details on starting your own Young Living Home Business as part of my team. 

Even if you choose to purchase RETAIL (and pay extra) - please log on with my ID# 1363186 as your sponsor & enroller. You must choose a Sponsor and Enroller to purchase or the system will do it randomly for you - Please use my # (it is pre-programed when accessing from this site) and join my Young Living Team! We are blessed with some of the companies most successful, inspiring and giving up-line management leaders and educators in our team network - so.... Come on in, the water is just right; warm, healing and inviting!!!!

                                  Cheers for you! and welcome to the best days of the rest of your life!!!

P.S. check out the links and videos on this webpage by scrolling down for more information on how Young Living gives back around the world through our Young Living Foundation and product profit donations from the sales of ALL OUR ANIMAL products to Vital Ground! 

             Learn about our Farms and Seed to Seal process through this video : 
                                          (learn about our farms and sustainable practices)

Great new products launched at Convention  for: body aches and pains, muscle support, Infant/Baby Care  line , new Shutran product for Men, Insect Repellent, Sun Screen,  After Sun Minor Burn Care and Insect Bite Relief Spray, NATURAL MINERAL MAKE UP LINE!!    All items are featured on my site here individually . - please scroll through and take a look!!! 

                                                         It feels GOOD to DO GOOD THINGS!!






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