Keep your Home Safe and Happy!

With all that is going on around these days we must find ways to protect ourselves and our family from viruses. We must find natural ways that we can use to sooth our anxiety and give us the time to relax and reboot. Giving us the free attention to bring harmony to those around us and to bring Joy and a Happy disposition too. 

These are just a couple ideas I have had recently that I felt I could offer some suggestions to you that will make your home a haven for your family. 

First of all I find that using natural ingredients in life can be excellent alternatives to the chemical based products that have side effects to our health. Most people are probably aware that many products we have used in the past before attention was given to natural solutions can be harmful to our immune system. Over time they can compromise the integrity of our well being. 

Something that I do daily is to diffuse essential oils in my environment. If you do not know the science behind essential oils, I can simply say that the tiny molecules of an essential oil do pass into our blood stream via inhalation, or by application onto our skin, or via internal application. You need to know the Source of the oil and make sure that they have a Seed to Seal guarantee. Plus diffusing an oil makes your home smell fantastic. It changes the energy of a room and it changes the emotional state that you may be experiencing. I find that using essential oils give me the Salf Care that my body needs. 

When we are home a lot of the time it is important to find ways to unwind, and bring a sense of calm and peace into our lives. Not just for yourself but also for your children and other family members. You will be pleasantly surprised to see how emotions will balance out with the right oil filling up those empty spaces. Take deeper breathes of these fragrant essences, this alone will help to relax you. Let the fragrance deep into your brain and thus moving into your whole body via the blood stream. An essential oil because the molecular structure is so tiny can pass beyond the blood brain barrier and into various parts of the brain. Thus making a significant difference to our emotional state. 

I have several diffusers throughout my home. And i use them all the time. I find them very effective And I also love to give foot rubs using essential oils too. This is something that your children will love. And your partner will too. Any essential oil that you apply to the feet takes only about 20 minutes to target the key area of the body. 

You can add Vitality oils to your tea or smoothies to give extra flavor and to supplement well being. 

Whatever you decide to do remember that in these times we can support each other very simply with Love and Compassion. 

The Best Sleep just waiting for you…

Do you find it difficult to fall asleep at night? Honestly, you are not alone, according to NPR over 60 million people in America suffer the same plight. 

There are many side effects of sleepless nights which you probably are aware of.  Mood swings, memory and focus, blood pressure, energy, blood sugar levels, a compromised Immune system, or perhaps weight control.  But don’t worry I am here to give you some simple ways to catch those precious z’s, without using prescription drugs because as you know there are a lot of side effects from taking this type of medication for sleep. To get your best health benefits from sleep, research reveals that we should get 7-8 hours of slumber each night.


  1. Create Routines: Yes, routines are a very effective way to signal your brain that it is time to let go and get some sleep. Have a cup of calming tea before bed, like chamomile tea. Take a relaxing bath, soak for a period of time with some soothing essential oils, bath bombs with relaxing essential oils in them, or even take a nice hot shower. A period of meditation, yoga or simply reading a good book will help you greatly. Figure out what time you should turn off the lights so that you can get a good 7 to 8 hours sleep. Set this up as a routine so your body gets used to it and it will probably start waking up a bit earlier once you set up this routine. 
 2. Stay away from caffeine and alcohol prior to your bedtime, as studies have shown how these substances can decrease the body’s natural melatonin. Try water, or an herbal tea without caffeine. 
3. Don’t spend time on your phone, computer, or any electronics 30 minutes to 1 hour prior to bedtime. As the blue lights used with these electronics negates the effects of melatonin that your body naturally releases.
4. Melatonin is a natural hormone that helps to regulate the body’s sleep cycle. And it is one of the most popular non-prescription aids for sleeping on the market today. In addition Magnesium is an important mineral that may help improve sleep. This mineral helps one to unwind. The best magnesium for sleep includes chelated magnesium glycinate and magnesium taurate. Chelated magnesium is easily absorbed by the body, making it one of the most bioavailable forms of magnesium available. 
5. Re-evaluate your Sleep Environment. Is your mattress firm enough? Does it give your back the right support or your muscles so that you don’t wake up in the middle of the night with pain in one area or another. Is your room dark enough? Do you have lighting coming from a clock or some other gadget that might disturb your sleep patterns? Perhaps you might like to use a sleep mask to cover your eyes, so not to let any disturbing light in. Or maybe even you could use ear plugs to negate any random noise in your environment. 
6. Essential Oils are a great aid to sleepless nights. Oils like Lavender, cedarwood or vetiver can be very relaxing prior to sleep. Nothing like a nice foot rub before bedtime. Or try diffusing one of these calming oils.
7. Stress can cause sleepless nights. Worry over relationships, work, money all add up to create stress and difficulty getting to sleep. Make sure you take time to communicate your fears and difficulties with your family or intimate or friends. Entering into relationship about such matters helps to relieves stress and also you can create new patterns and make agreements.
General stress can be released through some selfcare and time for yourself. Give yourself the excuse for a massage, bubble bath, facial, walks along the ocean. Sleep aids one to release stress too.

 8. A good exercise routine can also greatly maximize your sleep. Exercise and aerobics help us because we put out a lot of energy with this activity. And this exertion of energy helps us to sleep at the end of the day. Make sure you exercise during the day and not just before bed as you can get revved up. Exercise is also an excellent way to release stress. And to help with memory issues. And weight gain. So, a good exercise routine is a win-win situation all around.

Well some great tips here now let’s get ready for a good night’s sleep!

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