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Welcome to my site. I am happy to share the things I love most with you.

My name is Tiffany and I am a mother to a beautiful little girl. She is the light in my life and we are on a journey together, growing and learning everyday. Family is the most important to me and having the right friendships in my life to lean on for strength and positivity. We went through some ups and downs that brought me to wanting a better more healthier life and that is how i started my Young Living journey.

I started my Young Living journey December of 2016 and instantly got hooked on all the products. I wanted to originally start the business side of things but life got in the way so i didn't really push it till about 6 months later. I wanted to live a healthier cleaner life with my family and didn't really realize all the bad toxins we had in our home. So my journey began one by one switching and ditching the toxic products in my home in Calgary, AB.

I have also been in the beauty industry for most of my life and now I incorporate all my Young Living Products into my business as well. Teaching and empowering woman to make the right choices for their skin care and makeup started becoming more and more important to me. That is how i came up with my company name "Beauty and Wellness Attraction." Everything that meant something to me just came together.  Now that Young Living Canada has an amazing makeup line at our disposal called Savvy Mineral Makeup my life feels complete. 

Thank you for joining me on this journey of making your beauty and wellness a priority in your life. I hope that my site can provide you all the info you need too start your Young Living Dream.

Tiffany Krath

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We are very diligent about our protection of earth and its citizens. We hold the highest standards for our essential oil production process, bringing the world the finest products available. From the seed of the plant to the seal on the bottle, our high standards are integral with who we are.

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Frankincense includes the naturally occurring constituent boswellic acid, and has a woodsy, warm, balsamic aroma. It promotes smoother, younger looking skin.


Lemon essential oil includes the naturally occurring constituent limonene. Lemon oil may help the symptoms of a cold and cough.


Lavender is great for relaxing and winding down before bedtime. It also may be used to help relieve headaches.


Copaiba consists of 55% beta caryophyllene, the highest of any known essential oil.


One of the oldest and most highly regarded herbs, peppermint essential oil may be helpful in reducing digestive discomfort.

Ginger Blend

This is one of our exclusive and proprietary products. This oil blend may promote feelings of calmness.

Air Purifier Blend

This oil blend helps freshen the air and eliminate odors with its unique combination of essential oils.

Wintergreen Blend

This blend contains wintergreen, clove, helichrysum, and other essential oils and is often used in massage.

Cinnamon Blend

This blend of clove, lemon, cinnamon, and other essential oils is one of our most popular aromas.

Eucalyptus Blend

Rub this blend on your feet or chest before exercise to uplift and inspire, or may be used to help relieve colds and coughs.

Natural Remedies Guide

Looking for a natural alternative? We are so excited to share Health Canada approved ways to use the following oils, approved as Natural Health Products (NHP)! In addition to the topical and aromatic benefits of these oils, they can relieve symptoms associated with common ailments, as well as restore, maintain, and support good health.
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Eczema and Dermatitis

Bergamot Cardamom Helichrysum Marjoram Myrrh

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Updates from Tiffany Krath

Stress On The Body

Stress On The Body
Essential Oils have so many different benefits. Not only do they help health wise but they also help stabilize your emotional states. With Young Living's Essential Oils we are so lucky to have such a wide variety of them and they all have multiple purposes. Have you ever needed a little boost during the day to get you through? Feeling a little down and life isn't going exactly the way you expected it too? Well I'm happy to say we have an oil for that. 

Let's just talk about stress for a second. Stress can wreck havoc on your system. It can cause rapid aging, makes us gain or loose weight, undermines our immune system, shortens our life span, and can ever damage our brain. When you experience stress, your brain's emotional response centre, the amygdala, communicates that you need to either flight or flee. When this happened, the hypothalamus signals the adrenal glands, and the release catecholamines into the bloodstream, hormones that include adrenaline. 

The negative effects of stress:

It can be a huge beauty killer, causing wrinkles, dry and flaky skin or even puffy eyes or rashes. Stress disrupt the ratio of good to bad bacteria in the gut, which can also lead to acne breakouts. 

Rapid Aging and who wants that! Stress damages you DNA and your cells are not able to do the job correctly intern you age faster. When you have chronic stress you don't take care of your body and that leads to aging as well.

Immune system down and out. Ongoing stress severely depresses the immune system and makes you susceptible to illness and disease. Cortisol and corticosteroids linger in your blood when you are under chronic stress, resulting in lower levels of white blood cells (lymphocytes). Lymphocytes are a major component of the immune system, they signal other immune cells to eliminate invading organisms that may cause disease. Viruses and bacteria may be laying dormant just beneath the skin to be activated, erupting into painful skin conditions, such as pimples, acne cysts, herpes, cold soars, hives and rashes. 

Hormone imbalances and Weight Gain are another two that simply are not enjoyable to the body. Stress increases stress hormone, one of which is cortisol. your body needs to keep making cortisol, a process that significantly depletes your progesterone levels over time. When you are on chronic stress, the ongoing high level of cortisol encourages your body to stop visceral fat.

Low Libido and Mood Disturbances are the last. You are simply not your true self under stress. You are irritable, tires and sometimes overwhelmed. Stress can cause mood swings and for woman when we are stressed and not feeling ourself then our sex drive is down. The cortisol level that rises during long periods of stress suppresses the sex hormones. Yikes!

There are so many helpful tools to get you through the stresses of life. This is something I unfortunately know all too well. My journey through life has not been a easy and peaceful one but it has also rewarded me in so many ways. Meditation and thought are so helpful, taking that time to yourself while diffusing some Frankincense can release a lot of tension. 

Cupping your hands over your mouth and nose with a drop of Ylang Ylang or Joy Essential Oils is another way that that can bring some calming to your day. durning inhalation, door molecules travel through the nose and affect the brain through a variety of receptor sites, one of which is the limbic system, which is commonly referred to as the "emotional brain". 

The limbic system is directly connected to those parts of the brain that control heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, memory, stress levels and hormone balances. this relationship helps explain why smells often trigger emotions. Knowing this we can see how inhalation of essential oils can have some very profound physiological and psychological effects.

Having a nice bubble bath with some Epson Salts to detoxify the body can also be very beificial. I add my empty bottles of Essential Oils to my Epson Salts and then add a cup to my bath. Take that time for you. I truly believe as women we take on the world, from kids, husbands, cooking, cleaning, work, pets or whatever it may be we add a lot of stress to our daily life. So, take that time for you add some oils to your bath after a long day and you will have the sleep of your life. My favourites are Stress Away, Peace & Calming, Orange and Eucalyptus. 

I add roller tops to my bottles so its easy to apply my oils on the go. Oh god I would feel very lost leaving the house without some of my oils. You just never know when you might need them. This allows me to dilute some of the oils in the bottle so I'm not having to bring a carrier oil with me. Stress can cause serious headaches for me so I always bring my Peppermint or Deep Relief in my purse, along with my feelings oils like Joy, Envision, Awaken and Lavender. 

Getting the sleep you need decreases your stress levels. I know when I am over stressed I cant sleep at all or eat for that matter, so winding down is very important for me. When my wind down time is interrupted it defiantly does not make me a happy camper because then I am wide awake again. Some of my favourite sleep oils are Vetiver, German Chamomile, Cedarwood, Clary Sage and Jasmine. Set your diffuser beside your bed and start it about 30 mins before you go to bed, that was your room will be feeling nice and relaxing and you are ready to wind down. 

Supplements are another helpful way to get your body on track. Did you know that stress can actually deplete the vitamins in your body so you might want to double check that you are getting what your body needs. Super B adds a little energy to your day and in those times of stress you can take a little more to balance your mood. Multigreens gives you all the great nutrition you need and Omegagize takes care of your brain. Which when your body is dealing with high stress it effects the brain so make sure you are taking your supplements with your 2oz of Ningxia Red Juice everyday.

We have amazing "Feelings Oils" that were designed to bring us back to the states we need to be. Weather you are soul searching like me or just need to reflect on the past year. Whatever journey you are one we have so many oils to choose from:

  • Harmony
  • Highest Potential
  • Inner Child
  • Forgiveness
  • Envision
  • Common Sense
  • Clarity
  • Awaken
  • Abundance
  • Acceptance
  • Build Your Dream
  • Believe
  • Present Time
  • Release
  • Joy
  • Peace & Calming
  • Valor
  • Tranquil
These oils are a huge part of my transformation and daily life. No matter what the struggle and believe me the struggle is real some days I know I will make it through the day with these oils. They work they really do and it is of easy to incorporate them into our daily life. Try one oil at a time and see how you feel. Emotions and thoughts are so very powerful and they can define and shape our day. So choosing to start your day out right with great intentions is so important. Then with one step in the right direction we are able to handle the stresses of life easier. 

Tiffany Krath

Changing your lifestyle

Changing your lifestyle
Change can be hard for anyone no matter where you have come from, change is one of those things that just doesn't come easy to many people. Being adaptable is one of my strong suits and when its necessary I change for the better. Not to say that every life decision has been easy or amazing but life is just about learning and growing. 

When I started my wellness journey I had no idea how drastically it would change my views on my whole entire life. Living in Calgary AB there is always opportunity but when I was presented with the Young Living opportunity it gave me a chance to see what I really wanted out of life and that was to spend more time with my child. Being able to watch her grow up at such a young age was something I wasn't willing to trade in for a regular 9-5 job. Im sure some of you can relate.

When I got my Premium Starter Kit I didn't realize what a blessing it would turn out to be in our lives. Switching one toxic item out in our household at a time for the healthier version was something I really wanted to do and so it began. In no time with being on Essential Rewards I had my whole house done. Im a mom on a budget of course but I don't really like to fret over prices if it is worth it to the family then why not. Being on our Essential Rewards program allowed me to get a monthly shipment and I received free products with my purchase every month. Believe me I love FREE and who doesn't like trying new things that you might now otherwise think to buy. This allowed me to change my toxic items out of my house faster.

Some people get a little hesitant when it comes to monthly purchasing but the way I look at it is I get free product every month worth quite a bit of money and I also get money back every month to spend on the stuff I really need. I get 25% back on my purchases every month, thats a pretty sweet deal if you ask me. When I go to the grocery store I don't get money back or free stuff so I just started getting most of my household items from Young Living. 

My kid loves her oils and being that she is only 4 I try and teach her at a young age what toxic products are and why we use the products we do. In this day and age it is so important for your children to be informed. Im not saying its our parents fault for not telling us because I'm sure they had no clue at the time what was hiding in our household products. I honestly didn't even realize myself till a few years ago how bad the chemicals are for our body systems, so just imagine a little kids body. Health is making a huge comeback even though it really should have been for a long time now, so lets change. 

Change that mindset of always grabbing the same products that you are used to buying and trying the nontoxic version. Change your eating habits and defiantly forget what you have always been told to do. Seek out advice and really do your research on whats out there, after all its your family health at steak. If you need to somehow work these products into your budget then I've got three month plans for you to get you started. There is so much opportunity to grow and learn and I am so grateful I had the chance to do that and ultimately help others in return.

Once you have changed out products and feel better about everything, the lifestyle part just seems to fall into place. I started seeing what I was doing wrong in the past and really didn't like the same things anymore. I made amazing new friends that push me and drive me to be who I am meant to be. I am in better shape now mentally and physically then I was 5 years ago because I care. Health doesn't just have to mean removing the toxic products in your house. No, its physically, mentally and emotionally. Changing your outlook on life only benefits you and then in turn the people around you. 

So yes that Premium Starter Kit that I got almost 2 1/2 years ago really did change my lifestyle all the way around. I defiantly have ups and downs like every normal person but I constantly find a way to be better and attract better things in my life. Its a process just like every other thing in life but with one foot infant of the other things change, life evolves and I welcome amazing experiences into our life.

Tiffany Krath
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