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YL Field Of Dreams

What's in your makeup?

Make a savvy choice to skip the makeup toxins for a healthier, more beautiful you.
Healthy Makeup? Tell Me More!
What's in your makeup?
Make a savvy choice to skip the makeup toxins for a healthier, more beautiful you.

Detox your look

... and experience a beauty routine for the better!

Welcome To My Field of Dreams!

Have you ever watched the movie, "Field Of Dreams"?  There is a phrase in that movie that has stuck with me from the moment I heard it:  "If You Build It They Will Come" ... my Name is Gail Pochylko and I have found something worth building and now here you are?   

Don't you Luv it when a plan comes together..some things are just meant to be right! 

Young Living came into my life out of nowhere it seemed.  I was not into natural wellness any more or less than the next person and while I dabbled in oils from Mall stores, I had no idea that Essential Oils were used for anything more than scenting a room .. until a certain chain of events, or should I say accidents, brought me to this very page.   I'll keep it short and sweet..too many accidents, too many muscular issues brought along too many chemical-options for relief and an unhappybody was the result.  I was told "No more chemical-pain-relievers, EVER!..but take 2  more products for the other symptoms caused from chemical overuse".  This chem-for-a-chem-relief-plan removed the side effects but not the original issue..back to square one.  Enter YL #YAY.  I soon learned that the benefits of High-Quality Essential Oils extended far beyond simple scents and it was just  common scents that I would explore and research this journey further..inquiring minds wanted to know how these wee, precious bottles of nature were supporting my entire system to the point I no longer missed my previous protocol.  Long story short...I now walk-the-talk for a chem-free lifestyle when it comes to supporting all of my systems and my body is now happy...true story!   

My only regret is that I didn't become an Oily Diva sooner!  

Since then, I have experienced the total excitement of transitioning my cleaning products, the air I breathe in my home, my supplements, nutritional shakes, and skin care over to my favorite lifestyle-obsession: YL Products.   An accidental Business has also grown in the process but that's a whole other Succe$$ful Story full of new friends and bliss-filled adventures.

Create Your Own Field Of Dreams with YL's Healthy Alternatives!  

The sooner you Become A Wholesale Member, the sooner you'll have your own story.  Scroll through the information before you make your own informed decision and then "Let's Get Your Oily Party Started"! 

(As a Canadian Wholesale Member, you will save 24% whether you buy 1 oil or a starter kit ; monthly orders are NOT obligatory.   This is your what you want! There is NO benefit to Retail Membership over Wholesale Membership.  In the USA, there is a starter kit requirement; check your market for full details on my site or call: 403-304-4174.)

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