Our Oily Journey

     I was first introduced to Young Living Essential Oils in January of 2016.  Before that, my experience had been limited to tea tree oil and poo-pourri spray!  My littlest love was having issues with her digestive system, and her bff's mom gave us some YL peppermint to try. In fact, she gave us a whole bottle!  We were desperate, so I tried it, and low and behold, IT WORKED!  My nurse-brain went into overdrive!  I started look up these crazy EOs, and I asked the aforementioned friend to come tell me everything she knew.  Long story short, I bought the Premium Starter Kit with the gorgeous Rainstone diffuser, and never looked back!

     Essential oils have greatly blessed my family.  We no longer use toxic housecleaners.  We turn to oils before medications.  My kids and I use natural toothpastes, deodorants, and body washes. My kids use oils for emotional support (and all on their own!  I'm such a proud oily Momma!).   Young Living's line of nutritional supplements are amazing! The changes here have been miraculous. Obviously I can't say enough about it,  just ask me how my allergies have been...

     For me personally, the best part of YL is all of the wonderful people that have come into my life through building this as a business.  Before January of 2016, if you would have asked me if I saw myself starting a business about something I am passionate about, traveling for business builder events, and hanging out with positive, empowering, amazing people, I would have said you were crazy.  I saw myself continuing on my current track, creating more debt for more education, and working my life away in a hospital 40+ hours a week.  YL and my local community of Living Well Now have given me a new vision for and new fire in my life!

     If anything I have said resonated with you, from the toxin free living, to emotional support, to changing your vision for your life, please reach out to me!  I would love to talk to you!  


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 What was in your order?

What was in your order?

I'd love to meet up with you on a Zoom call to talk about what products you ordered, and to answer any questions you may have!

Zoom is a free app for both Android and Apple.  It is like Skype or Facetime, but in a meeting format, so we can all see and hear each other!   It is a great way for me to stay connected to you guys, even with the distance between us!


What Are Essential Oils?

Why Us?

We are very diligent about our protection of earth and its citizens. We hold the highest standards for our essential oil production process, bringing the world the finest products available. From the seed of the plant to the seal on the bottle, our high standards are integral with who we are.

Support Your Body

One Drop At A Time
Give your body what it needs: all natural products, with no synthetics, fillers, or additives.
Try for yourself and discover the difference.

Digestive System

Give a lift to your stomach, intestines, liver, and the rest of your digestive system. Savor your meals more every day.

Muscular & Skeletal

Support for your bones, muscles, cartilage, ligaments, joins, and connective tissue. This system provides body support during movements and stability.


Help your heart and circulatory system in their crucial role of bringing vital oxygen to your body's tissues.

Immune System

Fortify your body's defense mechanism against the challenges of everyday life. This system includes our white blood cells, bone arrow, lymph nodes, appendix, and more.

Respiratory System

Support your lungs, sinuses, and the rest of your respiratory system.

Integumentary System

Boost your skin, hair, nails, teeth, eyes, and ears. Your skin is your largest organ and it only takes 26 seconds for your skin to absorb what touches it.

Endocrine System

Assist your pituitary, thyroid, and adrenal glands with everyday living. This system regulates a variety of actions in your body, including sleep and mood.

Reproductive System

Promote a healthier reproductive system and help with hormone balance.

Excretory System

A system that is protective of the body, its primary function is to eliminate waste and toxins. Includes your liver, lungs, intestine, and more.

Nervous System & Emotions

Your nervous system relays information from your muscles, skin, and organs to your brain. Contained here is your body's "fight or flight" mechanism.

Experience Our Healthy, Natural Products

Enrich your life with products formulated to the highest standards of quality and purity.

Natural Makeup

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Foundation, lip gloss, eyeshadow, bronzer, blush, lipstick, and more. Now your health and beauty can live in harmony!

Baby Care

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Baby wash & shampoo, baby lotion, baby Wipes, diaper rash cream, baby oil, and linen spray


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Protect your skin without chemicals with this all natural formula.

After-Sun Spray

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Ease the effects of a little too much time in the sun with our new over the counter after-sun spray.

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Updates from Amy Franks

 October Promos!

October Promos!

Fantastic monthly promotion to take advantage of!

Well hey there, October!!
If you're newer around here, the PV promos are a gift from Young Living when you place an order of the indicated PV amount. You wanna grab 300 PV worth of lifestyle wellness for your home? Then Young Living says "Go ahead and we will send you $196 worth of goodies on top of that too?"
Who does that?! Young Living does!

HERE IS WHAT I FOUND! I was already spending this budget at Target and Walmart--cleaning products, toothpaste, shampoo, lotion, disinfectant sprays, over the counter, etc etc. So then I started calculating out and realized I was being exposed to a gazillion toxins so I just switched to purchasing from my own account with YL. It looked expensive but then I found I could get better quality products, save money when I used the products according to directions and not poison myself!!! Yes, that's right....I took my products to the transfer garbage center and they would NOT take them. They were environmental hazards. Oh YEAH!
Don't know if that is true? Then ask your enroller if they can let you read a copy of the small book Aroma Home or Aroma Clean to consider the value of Young Living. Also these books allow you to consider HOW DO I AFFORD THIS and the value of the Young Living lifestyle and how to get the economic value of Essential Rewards!!! You can order the book on your own. Only $3.50 preferred Life Science publishing price or $4.95 regular price.
It's worth a read!!!! Eye opening and scientifically accurate! Pay forward the spirit of hope and inspiration!
SO, let's break this promotion down!
When you order 300 PV, you will receive:
1. Super C chewables 90 count
Vitamin C for the win. Super C combines Orange essential oil with a blend of camu camu, acerola, cherry, and rose hips fruit powder to create a super powerful immune-supporting supplement. Together, these ingredients give us polyphenols, carotenoids, and optimal amounts of vitamin C.
It's chewable, it's convenient, it's what you'll be loading up on throughout fall and winter. Take 1-3 daily, or as needed. Pro tip: it's always good to have food in your belly when you chew 'em up.
2. Breathe Again Roll-On
This is one of my favorites to keep around! We love roll-ons for how easy they are! And as we get into the swing of school, sports, holidays, and being busy busy busy, it's the best to have something in your purse / car / anywhere that you can just roll right on!
It has oils that pack a punch like Peppermint, Myrtle, Copaiba, and FOUR types of Eucalyptus. Great for getting your morning off to a great start, breathing easy all day long, using before, during and after a workout.. the list goes on. Here's a fun one: Apply Breathe Again to your back, neck, or chest before a steamy shower for an invigorating aromatic experience. WOO!
3. 15ml DiGize
You likely got this one in your Premium Starter Kit, and if you've ever used DiGize, you KNOW how incredible it is. Sure, it's not everyone's favorite smell, but its benefits are important! THIS IS A GREAT TRAVEL OIL. As we all know...our tummy can be funny when we change its routine! AM I RIGHT?! I order DiGize regularly, so I'm excited to be getting it for free this month and to put my PV into something else fun! It's one of those that you never, ever, ever want to go without. I love when tummies are happy, and DiGize helps me to do just that.
4. 15ml Raven
THIS OIL IS THE BEST. SMELLS AMAZING. When I was a bedside Nurse, I slathered this one on constantly through the fall!!!!
Raven is a cleansing blend of Ravintsara, Lemon, Wintergreen, Peppermint, and Eucalyptus Radiata. Raven creates a cooling sensation when applied topically to the chest and throat. It’s especially wonderful for ages 6+ and one of my top choices for use in the AromaDome (like a small tent for your head so you can breathe oils in quickly and powerfully. Crazy cool.)
5. 5ml Cinnamon Bark Vitality
Another bonus for your Essential Rewards order! This one is all about healthy digestion and a healthy immune system. You’ll find it in Thieves, Inner Defense, and Abundance, to name a few. Add a drop or two to your NingXia Red for a “hot shot. Put a drop on your tea bag. Dilute 1–2 drops in a vegetarian gel capsule and take as a dietary supplement to support your regular digestion. Take a banana smoothie to a sweet new level with a drop of Cinnamon Bark Vitality. Use a drop to spice up your hot cereal. Substitute Cinnamon Bark Vitality in any recipe that calls for ground cinnamon. We can’t get enough!
At 250 PV, you will receive Breathe Again and DiGize. When on your ER order, you’ll also get the Raven and Cinnamon Bark Vitality.
At 190 PV, you will receive DiGize. When on your ER, Raven and Cinnamon Bark Vitality will come too!
At 100 PV on ER, you’ll get Cinnamon Bark Vitality.
I’m going for that 300 PV on ER and get $190+ products FREE!!! ECONOMIC VALUE and lifestyle extras!!!



      I am so not a big make up person.  I never have been, until now!  I got to go to a Savvy make-up matching class a few weeks ago, and I am so impressed with the new mineral make up additions!   My daughter and I did our own little mini-makeovers, and the make up stayed on all day!  And a bonus for me, it wasn't itchy, and I forgot I had it on!   I wear make-up so infrequently, that when I do actually put some on, I usually end up rubbing my eyes before long, but not anymore!

     Here are my favorite things about the makeup:
     1) SO easy to use!
     2) No toxins!  Paraben free, Phlalate free, Talc free, no synthetic fragrance or colorants...

Click here for the Savvy website, with all the color swatches and how-to videos:

As of today, *most* of the Savvy Mineral makeup is in stock, so check it out!!

So here is my big question!   Who would be interested in a makeup class?  We are going to try to put one together for September.  Please let me know so we can see how big of a space we would need!
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