Hi! I'm Cynthia. I am a wife, momma, friend, full time boss and fanatic about helping people survive life. 

I currently building towards a life I don't have to vacation from. I am business and leadership driven. I take passion in helping people find their own passions. 

I have been supervising employees and managing a variety of career fields for over 14 years. I have a niche for helping businesses and teams develop game plans that carry on even after I am gone. From military units to multi-billion dollar health care projects, there is no assignment too big. 

I spent years of my life experiencing a variety of jobs from McDonald's, a military photojournalist, medical administration, intelligence, to an electronic systems trainer. I know a thing or two about what's out there. 

Biggest lesson learned, "don't be so prideful as to not let other's help you, you then also rob them of the chance to serve."

Are you ready to take what you have to the next level?

In addition, my goal is to make nutrition and health fun for every woman. It doesn't have to be a headache. Join me.

<3 Cynthia Mae



Join the community of Women serving women in life, love, knowledge and support!

Join our community of women sharing life's lessons as we all can bring something to the table. Learn ways to build up your nutritional knowledge, make friends, and succeed in many areas you never thought you could. 

What's holding you back?

Here is where my desire lives, a community of women loving on women, no matter what stage they are in in life. My goal in life is to make nutrition, health and living life more fun! 

I Help Transform Lives.

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