Centex Dental Lab is a full service laboratory that offers both traditional and digital approaches to craft and manufacture crown and bridge restorations. Our restorations include high quality dental materials such as lithium disilicate (E-max) and multi-layered zirconia. Our implantology department can make screw retained, screwmentable and cementable restorations. 

Implants include esthetic zirconia abutments for anterior cases and titanium for posterior cases. Our goal is to give each and every Dentist who we work for restorations that are easy to deliver chairside, and do it in a way that is competitively priced. We are a boutique lab; not a huge corporate lab where communication and service take a back seat to mass production. We pride ourselves for providing outstanding service and communication at unprecedented levels; especially in this day and age of dental prosthesis fabrication.                        

Our senior crown & bridge technician is Joey Dvorak. Joey has been working in the field of crown & bridge for over 31 years. He completed his dental technician training at Texas State Technical College and maintains his certifications through continuing education courses. Joey proves to be an integral part of the crown & bridge department and his vision is to grow the crown & bridge department, while maintaining the quality and expediency that our clientele demands. Joey is assisted by the best and her name is Kim Burson. 
Kim exhibits the very best qualities as a dental technician with her stellar work ethic and quiet nature. Her attention to detail is paramount to the success of the crown & bridge department and Centex applauds what she contributes every day to the Lab. 
Joey and Kim make a great team and work well together; showing up everyday to get the job done.