At Centex Dental Lab we are committed to staying up to date with some of the latest, state of the art developments in our field. 

This means that we are able to bring the benefits of the latest technological breakthroughs to you and your patients, and customize solutions that perfectly suit you and your patients' needs. 

Our current digital solutions currently include:
- The design and manufacturing of digital dentures, printed or milled. 
- Digitally designed cast frameworks.
- Digitally designed and manufactured hard and hard-soft night guards. 
- The use of photogrammetry, using either the PiC or iCam system. We are able to design and manufacture all-on-X dentures, printed or milled to your exact specifications. 
- Digitally designed and manufacturing of custom abutments and titanium hybrid bars for All-on-4 cases.
- Digitally designed and manufacturing of 3D printed models. 
- An All-in-1 guided surgery solution in partnership with Chrome
- ClearAligners, in partnership with Argen.