Centex has been a removables lab since it was founded in 1953, specializing in full dentures and partial dentures. Our partial dentures are available in acrylic, valplast and cast framework materials. We also offer unilateral tooth replacement options in the form of valplast, acrylic and framework nesbits. Our technicians also attend many continuing education conferences each year to keep up to date on the latest technology, materials and techniques.

We maintain access to numerous lines of premium teeth with many different occlusal schemes, and we have the ability to print teeth for wax try-ins and mill teeth for interim and final dentures. Milled PMMA teeth are as strong or stronger than some of the premium teeth on the market. We also make many different types of night guards, bleaching trays, kois appliances, mago’s, deprogrammers, orthodontic appliances and retainers; as well as flippers and snap-on smiles.  

Our removables department is headed up by Tim Frenzel. Tim is the owner and senior certified dental technician of Centex Dental Lab and has worked in the field of removables and restorations for over 4 decades. His attention to details and maintaining a personal, yet professional, relationship with our clients is what drives the success of Centex Dental Lab. Tim understands that each case brings challenges that require experience and expertise and he brings both to the table every time. Tim works closely with Jerri James; both of which have a combined total of 53 years as registered and certified dental technicians. Jerri matches Tim’s tenacity and resolve to provide personal, yet professional relationships with their clients and they echo the values that have driven the lab for over 4 decades.