April 2019 - Spring Renewal
April is a month of renewal.  A time for a new outlook. I always love when the Spring truely breaks.  The smell of the fresh, spring air.  The new grass coming up through the last bits of snow.  Looking out the window and seeing the birds returning to thier nests. Seeing new buds on the trees.  It gives my soul a new hope. It gets me motivated to try something new.  Time to try a new hobby, try a new hairstyle, breakout a new sprig outfit, and of course try some different Young Living Products.  Before I started using YL products, in Spring I would run to the local department store and try different scents, different creams - something that smelled fresh, something that smelled like renewal. (Do you know what I mean?)  Well, now I turn to my Oil Rack or my Young Living Stash!  
Coconut Lime Body Butter - smeall so refreshing and leaves your skin feeling wonderful.
Peppermint/Cederwood Soap - smells wonderful in the mornings.
Savvy Minerals Make-up. - try a new colour, something bright an fresh.
Make your own perfume or body spray using your oils. 
Then turn on that diffuser - check out Pinterest for some Spring Blends - something fresh like Citrus Fresh. 
April is a great month to wake up from those winter blahs! A great time to see what motivates you! April holds with it a promise of renewal 💕 Embrace it for what it is - A Blessing!



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