Whew! Its been awhile!

Hello everyone!
Sorry I have not posted in a while but things have been super busy around here and I'll be honest....I am still trying to learn how to utilize  all the features of this fabulous website. 

I had previously thought about posting on different things such as my favorite oils but then I thought that because there is so much you can research and find on your own about oils, it would make more sense to just post about me and my family and even my experiences which are not necessarily oil related. I want you to get to know me and who I really am. 

So to start, I am going to share one of my hobbies/passions with you. I like to sew. More specifically, I like to sew purses and handbags. I love it!! There is just something so satisfying about taking some fabric and manipulating it with scissors, interfacing, pins, and a sewing machine and having something spectacular come out on the other end.  I think when I make a few more projects, I'll be sure to post them and then share how diffusing an oil ties in.

It's time for me to run, but feel free to message me with any questions you have and I will do my best to answer in the best way possible. 

Happy Oiling!!

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