DiGize and Potty Training

I am excited to share this quite funny story of how EO's helped in our difficult task of potty training our 2 YO!

First off, my husband and I cannot take full credit for potty training both of our kids. A huge shout-out and thank you goes out to our daycare providers for helping us achieve this great milestone!

As I was telling this story to one of my friends, she was laughing and said, "you should share that on your website" and I said, "wow, I should!" (completely forgetting that I have a new website and a BLOG platform). By the way, I am not a great writer, so please forgive me.

Anyhow, back to the potty-training story.

My 2 YO daughter was NOT having the potty-training, no matter what we bribed her with. She would go #1 in the potty with no troubles and that didn't seem to bother her. But #2 was another story. She completely regressed from going #1 if we even tried to get her to go #2! Well finally, she seemed more open to the bribing for serious potty-training. So with the help of our daycare provider, we loaded up a bag of candy and offered her candy all day to go potty. From Sunday to Monday she did very well - except for #2! She flat didn't go! By Tuesday I knew she'd be starting to have tummy troubles from not going so I mentioned to my provider to give DiGize a try to see if it can help stimulate and get her going so she had no choice but to go!

Well it worked! Between my provider waiting it out and the DiGize, she went #2 in the potty! This helped her get over her nerves of it and she has gone several times since then, so we are on our way!!

We love DiGize. Use it all the time for tummy trouble. Ask me if you have any questions and happy oiling!