The Power of Second Chances

If you are lucky enough in life to earn a second chance at anything, I hope you are able to embrace it wholeheartedly for the positive life changing experience it can become. God offered my family a second chance a little over a week ago when my husband was involved in an automobile accident and I can honestly tell you that we have not only recognized it but embraced it wholeheartedly. We have become more aware that everyday is borrowed time from our Creator and that we should make the most of each day on Earth and make sure the people we love know how we feel. Sometimes it requires a so called "wake up call" to put us back into check with how we are living; are we living for ourselves or are we living how God wants us to live?

Stay humble. Appreciate others. Be thankful for your blessings. Not everyone gets a second chance. God is the one who ultimately decides when it is time to join him in his Kingdom in Heaven. I can only assume that God feels my husband has plenty of good left to do on this earth. He has given us the gift of life and we are grateful!


Consumed by the Unknown!

For most of us, being "consumed by the unknown" prevents us from taking that much needed leap of faith into something that could be life changing. This reservation to open our minds and hearts wholeheartedly to something new can pretty much be found in every aspect of our daily lives at least on some level. For example, "What if I take that new job, but the people I work with don't like me?", "What if I enroll in that online education course, but I can't complete it or don't even like the courses I am taking?", "What if we buy that new puppy, and he chews the entire house down?" See what I mean? How could you know the answers unless you just go for it based on faith? The answer is, YOU WON'T. You won't know the outcome ahead of time. If this were the case, then life would be all rainbows and unicorns, wouldn't it? People all over the world wouldn't be suffering from devastation to various degrees if they would have been able to predict the exact outcomes of everything and prepared ahead of time. God has his own plan and timing for everything. We are to travel on this journey through life in search of that plan. We may take the wrong path, but 9 times out of 10 we are likely right where He has meant for us to be.

Being "consumed by the unknown" promotes procrastination, heightens anxiety levels and ultimately envelops us with a battle inside ourselves that really isn't worth fighting nor do we have time for. It could prevent us from making a difference in someone else's life but more importantly it will prevent us from making a positive change in our own life. What if the end result of the leap was negative you ask? Well at least you came out of it with a lesson learned to live by, right? - the positive side! 

So you're probably wondering where and why this discussion came up today? Well, here goes. Yes, it's related to my love for my Young Living Essential Oils. It's one of those things that when preparing to present your information to someone new requires that leap of faith but is usually put on the back burner because of the fear of the unknown either by your lack of belief in yourself or by the fear of rejection from the other person. For instance, what if I am loving my essential oils and everything I have experienced from using them, but I am scared to share them with others for fear of rejection or for fear of them thinking that I'm some kinda witch doctor??! Well then, I have not only prevented myself from taking that much needed leap of sharing this greatness, but I likely have prevented myself from helping someone who could really benefit from these wonderful oils.

On the flip side, what if you were presented with a little bit of information about the greatness of Young Living essential oils but did not want to know more about what they are, how they work or how they could benefit you and your family because you were consumed by the unknown - "What is this stuff? Does it really work? Why is this person trying to get me to buy oils?" Your fear of the unknown would most definitely be preventing you from possibly making the best life changing decision you could ever make when it comes to you and your family's health and wellness. This I know for sure! 

So the next time anyone presents you with any new information or opportunity, no matter what the product, business or sweepstakes entry, while you may politely decline to sit and discuss at that time, please reflect and do your own research if you must in order to make sure it's not just you being consumed by the unknown that's preventing you from possibly making a positive life changing decision. 

Happy Oiling,

Jodie B

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