Meet Leigh Maredyth Taylor-Barringer

Hi! let me tell you my story, everyone's story is different, this is mine....

In 2008 my mother died from complications involved with Life crippling illness, three months later I thought I had throw out my back at work, I went numb from the waist down, went to the hospital, had some tests run and sure enough I had The same thing. Scary, thinking I was given a death sentence I literally was a wreck, worried about how I would live with this. How long would I have before I would have to quit work? How long better I ended up in a wheel chair? How long before I became bed ridden? How long will I be alive? Five years? Ten years? Twenty? My mom was taken after about 20. 

I put my head down and just started working! Work, work, work! I thought I didn't have time to save money or give my daughter the life she deserved! Would she be taking care of me soon? She was only 7 years old when I got my life changing news! I started taking shots twice a day, it was like a downward sloop, was tired and worn out easily, I would stand till I went numb then just get so exhausted that all I would do is go home and lay down. Work and sleep or at least lay there feeling sorry for myself. 

After a few years I started to try different things, all natural ways, I went off my meds and was trying some really radical things. I thought I was getting better. Then all a sudden I had a pretty big set back, it got to the point where I would dread going to the store, because I couldn't fathom walking around a big store like MEIJER or target. I would hop into one of those motorized carts, to me it was the beginning to the end. I went back on my Meds, no shots,  now I was taking a pill twice a day. 

Then I was scrolling through Facebook and seeing a girl I knew from high school start talking about these oils, essential oils she called them. I was like, that's some witchy stuff. Well I started paying more attention to her posts and how oils help her family with various things . I asked her on Facebook if there was an oil for me, she messaged me back right away saying she thought I might be interested in trying oils for various things. She said flat out she wasn't a doctor and I would have to play around and see if these would work for me with whatever I wanted to try them for. Well that got me very intrigued, a couple months later I bought a premium starter kit and started my "oily journey!" First I just diffused till I really  started learning about applying oils topically and internally. Within a year I was buying oils every couple months, she told me about the essential rewards program and at first I was like no, I don't want to be committed to anything. She told me I could quit anytime and I would benefit from getting a percentage  back from the amount I was spending each month. I tried it and sure enough within a couple months I was putting in a order for free oils. Within six months from that I started the business side of it. I didn't want to be a "salesman" I just wanted to help my friends with how I was getting helped,  using oils. Well, now I look at it on a whole new level, I am helping people! I am educating and learning with people. And I love getting a message from someone saying thank you for helping them. That's what I do, I help people. People are on their own oily journey I just help them with advice and help if they have questions. I am not a doctor and I can't prescribe or dignoise or tell people oils will cure them. Everyone is different and our bodies react different. I can tell you what I do and if you want to try it from there then do it, oils have helped me so much and I am so thankful for them and being all natural sweetens it up a lot too. 

I am happy to say this year my MRI came back with a great big surprise! I mean nothing bad happening, in two years! Call it what you will, is it the meds, is it the faith, is it the oils? Well let's put it this way my neuro said she couldn't prescribe oils but keep doing what I'm doing. She is even considering taking me off my meds! That is unheard of, people don't get better when they have this. Deep in my heart I know it's all about a little faith, oils and being a little crazy!😜Just kidding on the last part!  I am able to work full time at my job and also have time to educate people about oils and I'm not overly exhausted! I love both jobs and couldn't be happier. 

This is my story! I help people start and continue their own oily jounrey with Young Living essential oils. I am also part of a big team called The Lemon Droppers, and that's what we are about,  helping, educating and learning about oils together and being there for our clients. 

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