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Lorin Janae Acosta; Massage Therapist & Zumba Instructor

Need An Energy Boost?

Tough workout? Long day? Support normal energy levels with this little-known natural treasure.
Need An Energy Boost?
Tough workout? Long day? Support normal energy levels with this little-known natural treasure.
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Show Me How

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Welcome! I'm so happy you stopped by!


I am so happy you stopped by! My name is Lorin Janae Acosta, I am an  introverted colorful artist who loves to dance.  In 2001, I married  my high school sweetheart. We currently live in Connecticut with our 3 fat cats. I am a Licensed Zumba instructor, which means I get to workout for fun AND get paid for it! #winning.... I absolutely love it. 

For over 10 years, I have  been practicing as a Licensed Massage Therapist. My passion runs deep for being able to help people feel their best through my talents as both Zumba Instructor &  Massage Therapist. 

Being in the field of Massage and bodywork, I became intrigued with the use of essential oils and slowly began to research and incorporate them into my work. In the beginning I thought they were  only good for relaxation, which was fine with me at first. As I began to dive deeper, I soon realized there is so much more to these drops of essences, supporting ALL of our intricate body systems! How cool is that,  a way to support our bodies without harmful ingredients and toxins!  I now use them on 99% of my clients to enhance their sessions, and yes, they keep coming back for more! 
Since getting my Premium Starter Kit in  2015, I have seen so many health and wellness benefits far beyond relaxation. I recommend you getting started the same exact way, with your PSK!

Another tidbit about me is that I suffered for over 23 years with a chronic illness called endometriosis. This is a debilitating disease and it left me in pain, very fatigued and emotionally unwell. With the help of major surgery, I am now full of energy and able to do more of what I love, including teaching Zumba classes! 

Can you guess what I use to enhance my performance during a high intensity class? Can you guess what I use to sustain my energy during hard workouts? Can you guess what I use to sooth my sore muscles after workouts?... I think you can! Of course, none other than my Young Living supplements and oils to help support my current wellness needs and sustain my body's  balance & energy!

It's part of what I do to offer the use of Young Living Essential oils and products to encourage health and wellness. When I notice I can offer something to help, perhaps with supporting someones respiratory or circulatory system, why wouldn't I do so?   It's my job and its one that I love and feel extremely passionate about.  I get to do exactly what I love, help & empower many, and support my family financially. 

I'm happy to support you too on your wellness adventure! An adventure of your own personal story that you get to write! 
How will yours begin?

Lets chat! Use the "Contact Me" page to shoot me a message and we'll plan the best way to get you started on your adventure!

Thank you for stopping by!

"Let Your Body Do The Talking"
Lorin Janae Acosta

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