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Independent Distributor
# 1002457

Chicago, IL 60647
Phone: 218-209-7269

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About Me

 Hey friends :)

I'm an athlete, improvisor, poet, and Seinfeld fanatic with a passion for health.

I've been into healthy living since my mom started rubbing oils on my feet when I was six but currently I'm taking it to a whole other level. I'm interested in living my healthiest life now and sharing the journey with other people. My whole life I've been some sort of athlete (dance, triathlons, crossfit, powerlifting, yogi) and put my emotional, spiritual, and mental health second to my physical health. Eventually that stopped working for me. Ouch (life can sucker punch HARD).

Now my focus is to complete that full circle of health including what I thought of as the "hippy dippy" stuff. The past year I've really focused on incorporating emotional healing (and spiritual/mental) with my physical training. It's made all the difference.  Young Living products are the foundation of my healthy lifestyle and I use the products everyday. I'm happy to share what I do but I think everyone is their own guru. 

Looking forward to getting to know you,




YL# 1002457