The transition is happening....
I am officially not ready.  And yet time keeps ticking.  Days are flying by.  Supplies are filling store shelves.

Back. To.  School.  

GAAHHHH!! So Not Ready!!!!  

Do you like a routine?  I certainly do.  I function 93% better when I wake up early (alarm needed for this) and get a list written for the day - IF the day isn't already written out in my planner.  I'm usually done with summer by the time school comes around - ready for the structure, the activities, and, let's be honest, having fewer kids at home with me (holla!). 

But this summer has been so much fun! We've made new friends, gone on a few short trips, scheduled playdates on more days than not.  My kids are getting a little older and can handle a decent bike ride with me in the evenings (with one still in the trailer behind me).  And they're old enough that if I need that minute to get something done, I can kick them outside on their own!  Because you and I both know what a treat it is to send your kids outside ALONE to play or find their friends on the block!

So, this morning I ordered our school supplies. Finally paid for school enrollment. Yesterday we had our physicals.... dentist and eye doctor appointments coming up.  I'm already stressing out about the pile of papers that will form on our kitchen island every night - let alone the crazy amount of emails that will fill my inbox from school (does your school send out a million emails? I mean, I like to be informed.... but it's ridiculous!)

Here I am, planning ahead.  While I was writing this I interrupted myself to put some Stress Away in the diffuser.  I keep that one going most days - especially as the first day of school approaches.  Not just for me, but for my kids! There is some serious anxiety that goes into the school year - you know that! They want to know who's in their class, with which teacher, and who will the sit by at lunch and play with at recess.  When they finally walk off the bus they are CRAZY from being so composed all. day. long.  So, Stress Away in the diffuser.  And possibly Frankincense on their head.   And Valor if they're if they're super nervous about all of it - who doesn't need a little confidence support?!

Another great idea is to apply a Focus Blend before school.  Equal drops of lavender, vetiver, and cedarwood in a roller works wonders for eliminating those distracting thoughts and helping your kiddos out.   On the big toe before those new shoes go on, or along the spine or on the wrists.  Check in with your kid - maybe they want to bring it to school with them for a little after-lunch-help.

And you know we all want to stay healthy.  Give your kids (and YOURSELF) the support you need with Thieves!! Or amplify it by combining it with lemon and oregano in a roller.  YES!!!

Last, but certainly not least, and certainly not the end of the arsenal list, is Tea Tree.  Go put a few drops in the shampoo your kids use.  Little pesky itchy bugs do not like Tea Tree oil.  No one wants to deal with those little, pesky, itchy bugs!!!

Okay okay. I'm feeling better.  We can handle this transition.... It's going to be a great, wild ride.  We've got our deep breaths and our oily arsenal.  

Game On.

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Enjoy every last minute of this summer!!! 



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