How Do You Carry?
Essential oils are certainly mysterious to beginners.  I run into people who are nervous to use them simply because they hear about all the benefits but don't know how to use them.

I'm here to tell you - it's almost impossible to use essential oils incorrectly.  However, there are better ways to use them to get the benefits you're looking for!

We're about to focus on topical use only - putting oils directly on your skin.  

There are two main ways this is done: neat or diluted.

Neat: This means you are putting the essential oil directly on your skin - straight from the bottle.  The amazing thing about quality, pure essential oils (Young Living) is that the essential oil molecules are so incredibly tiny that they can bypass your skin and virtually every other 'wall' in your systems.  They are so tiny, in fact, that there are more molecules in ONE DROP of essential oil than there are cells in your body.  TRUE STORY! So, using only one drop of essential oil on your skin is often enough to experience the benefits!

So, where to place that drop? That depends.  Many oils can be put on the bottoms of your feet - there are Vita Flex points that are direct pathways to areas/organs of your body.  But let's say you're experiencing muscle or joint pain in your knees or back.  Well, drop the oil (Panaway or Deep Relief would be good in this situation) on the area of discomfort.  And, as backup, I use a Reference App (called Reference Guide for Essential Oils, $6.99 in the App Store) that recommends locations for specific uses for oils (example: I look up 'hot flashes' and it recommends peppermint on the outside of your ankles.  Who knew?)

Diluted: This means you're diluting your essential oils with a carrier oil.  Wait..... back up.  What's the difference between essential and carrier oils?

Essential Oils are usually steam distilled or cold pressed from a plant.  There are NO fatty molecules in an essential oil so they don't feel greasy like carrier oils do.   Carrier Oils are from the seed or the nut and are definitely fatty and greasy.  BUT THIS IS GOOD!  Carrier oils literally help to deliver the essential oil into the body.  And they dilute that drop so you can use even less than a full drop (which is certainly great when using oils on kids!)

Even better, because essential oil molecules are so little, they also evaporate.  The bigger molecules of the carrier oil helps to SEAL IN the essential oil so it can't evaporate on your skin! So, using less EO can actually be better because you know it is ALL getting absorbed when it's delivered in a carrier oil!

Which carrier oil to choose? Well, that's up to you.  And, quite frankly, that could be it's own blog entry.  Fractionated Coconut oil is easy to find in the baking aisle at the grocery store, and is a good choice.  Some people don't like that it is processed to stay in a liquid form, and the fatty molecules are bigger so they might clog pores if used on your face.  I like Grapeseed Oil - also can be found in the grocery store.  It is great for balancing, toning, and smoothing skin.  I also use Jojoba Oil (which is actually a liquid wax), which is nourishing and a good choice for sensitive skin types.  The list goes on..... but these are my favorites and, from my experience, the most popular choices.

When you find recipes that you love, it becomes easy to make them in rollers (which I get here), dilute them, and then carry them with you or keep on your shelf.

SO, topical use. There are certainly benefits to using essential oils neat.  It can be more convenient and undiluted will definitely get you results! Using essential oils diluted in a carrier helps to deliver the essential oil internally, seal it in, is safer for kiddos, and can stretch your wallet.  And, really, either way, YOU ARE GETTING RESULTS.  Don't make it any more complicated than you want.  The mystery within those bottles will remain a mystery until you begin experimenting along your journey!

I sure hope you found value in this post. To get my free PDF and learn more about essential oils and uses, click here.



  1. Thank you for writing and sharing this! I have always been nervous about carrier oils, but after reading I am closer to taking the leap!
  2. Megan Diane Stevens  08/06/2018 07:21 PM Central
    Blair I'm so glad you liked this!! Carrier oils aren't scary at all.... I use oils both Neat AND with a Carrier. They certainly serve their purpose!! I think my favorite use is simply to make and store my favorite oily recipes in rollers - and plus they're diluted so even though they are definitely effective, I'm making each bottle last longer (which makes my wallet happy)!

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