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My name is Melissa and I am from a small town in Western Massachusetts. I have been using Young Living Essential Oils since April 2015 which is when I wanted to find a way to start making my home toxic free. My daughter was born in November of 2014 and since I have been blessed with her, I have realized how many chemicals I would be exposing her to. I also wanted to learn about some natural ways to help support my own body's needs.

I ordered my starter kit and the rest is history! I love that I can learn something new each day and I love how my oils are so very versatile. I also enjoy that Young Living has a line of supplements and other products to help keep my family and I healthy.  I  now enjoy making my own personal products and household cleaners to make sure I keep my home as toxic free as possible for my family and my 2 dogs! ( Yes, we have an animal care line!! )

We do offer many different options for how to get started:

  • You can start your collection by purchasing a few oils individually as a retail customer, paying full price. This is okay if you would like to try out a few oils here and there to make sure it is okay for you.


  • You can become a Young Living member by purchasing a starter kit. We offer a Premium Starter Kit, which is the best bang for your buck! It includes 11 of our most popular oils, a diffuser, 2 samples of our super drink Ningxia Red,  learning materials and a whole support group of other Young Living members. You will also get a discount of 24% off on ALL future purchases as a WHOLESALE member.  What is the catch? Well, there is not one! If you would like to renew your membership after a year, you would have to make ONE $50 purchase to stay active. THAT.IS.IT! No hidden fees, you do not have to sell (but if you do enroll a new member, Young Living will send you a thank you check!)


I hope you enjoy my page, and please feel free to contact me with any questions. I look forward to watching you blossom on your oily journey!




Melissa Kopec

Member #2799606


Leader : Forever Young Living




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CoQ10, medium chain triglycerides, and omega-3 fatty acids round out a product that supports memory and the nervous system.