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SIMPLIFY & ENHANCE your life while building a business that EMPOWERS others:
SIMPLIFY & ENHANCE your life while building a business that EMPOWERS others:
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Who I am and what our team's SIMPLE PLAN OF ACTION is all about

A bit about myself  Since I personally lost about 70 pounds since my college years and have kept them off by STAYING COMMITTED to living a healthy lifestyle, God gave me an intense passion to help those who have a deep desire to lose weight and also get fit and healthy by learning, adopting, and maintaining healthy lifestyle habits. 

The way I can ascertain if you have a "deep desire" is if you COMMIT to Young Living's "Subscribe and Save" plan, committing to purchase on a regular basis some of their products, switching over many of your household and personal care products to this brand, which I have found to be truly great.

God has taught me to be an INDEPENDENT confident leader, raising INDEPENDENT confident leaders, each one of us leading by example. For this reason, my team's plan of action focuses on how a membership with Young Living can SIMPLIFY and ENHANCE our lifestyle.

If you want to simply be a COMMITTED CUSTOMER, there are two things you would need to do: sign up for a membership with Young Living, and then get on their "Subscribe and Save" program. You get on this program by adding a few of the products you want use on a regular basis and you now want to switch to this brand. You could also add some essential oils and have your favorite shipped every 2-3 months, depending on how often you use them. 

If you want to FOLLOW THE LEADERSHIP PATH like I am, taking your commitment to the next level by sharing this lifestyle and your own experiences with others,  this is the 3-step plan of action you would take: 

1. Focus and adopting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle by consistently. **If you need a list of 10 habits to focus on, let me know, and I will point you to the Facebook posts I have on these. 

2. Get on the "Subscribe and Save" Program (Previously known as "Essential Rewards") that Young Living offers so that you can get rewarded for ordering what you need from them every month. Tip: budget a minimum of $120 to do so (just set aside $30 a week) since the company requires us to invest 100 PV worth of products each month in order to get all the perks they offer, including a monthly commission check to thank us for sharing with others about Young Living and helping them get their own membership to order what they want from the company whenever they want it, just like we do. 

3. Share this plan with others in any way you would like to do so - online of offline. **I have brochures you can give out to others, if you want to send them off by mail or personally give it to someone you know. You will have access to them free of charge, anytime you need any. 


NOTE:  If you would like to learn more about the (optional) leadership/business opportunity you could take part in if you choose to join our team, click on “opportunity” (above) or click on this link:

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