Testimonial Tuesday!!!!!

Testimonial Tuesday!!!!!

Hi, wanted to share some of the testimonies in my own family that have taken place since we started with young living oils.

My grandmother who is 87 years old has suffered with migraine headaches since she was a teenager. Living her entire life in pain. She has been to every neuro doctor from one side of the city to another. No one has been able to help her to prevent them from being so painful and there has been no one medication that has completely helped her once she is in pain.  I introduced her to YL Deep Relief roll on when I first started and gave it a week of use before I asked her and my mom how it was working out and if she liked the results.  My mom was excited to tell me she had not complained of a headache once in the entire week!!!!! So when I asked her about it she said, please order me a bottle so I don't run out!!!

Then my mom received her oils and loved all of them. She is sleeping better,  my dad is not snoring , the discolored spots on his arm has  improved , the spots have disappeared.  They  diffuse oils that are good for allergies and sinus issues and they are so much better,  they have not needed to use OTC meds for them.

My house was sprayed with thieves house hold cleaner and used a pressure washer to spray it down, I DID NOT NEED TO SCRUB, IT JUST CAME RIGHT OFF.

My grandson who has experienced a raspy cough, I mixed cypress and coconut oil and used it on him, now as soon as he coughs he ask me to rub his oils on him.


My granddaughter uses a mixture to focus and for calming, she knows how to mix it and uses it herself!!!! It makes a difference in her attitude and her rowdiness .


These are just a few things I wanted to share, I have the pictures and video of house before and after thieves but I just wanted to share what I have been sharing with everyone I speak to about the difference  YLEO has made on my families lives .