I am so glad that you are part of our great big Start.Living Collective!

Our community is a fun, informed, and sharing group of people who are all looking for the same thing - wellness, purpose and abundance in their lives, and that of their family. 

Our community is also a place where many find 'their tribe' - new friends from near and afar who genuinely care for one another and ensure that everyone feels included. 

This space is YOUR hub of information with videos, webinar replays, and a chat room for general members and
videos, webinar replays, a chat room, and loads of resources for anyone wanting to share and build a business to help others through Young Living.   Much of it pops up in our exclusive Facebook Groups as well, however, for those not on social media - it is all here too!

We also have specially designed 'chat room's!  Obviously we all do a lot of that in the Facebook groups, however for those who do not access them - this is your place to ask questions, answer questions and chat amongst each other!

The creation and maintenance of this resource takes quite a bit of time and effort,  and I want it to be a free resource for everyone in our community, so I would appreciate all of the contents being utilised only by those who are within the Limelizard Team. 

Also if you wish to have a member of your own team within our team have access to any of the vaults inside, just fill in this google form!  Ensure all the required fields are completed please :) 


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