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This is me !! and my crazy crew that make life interesting and worthwhile .

Hi I'm Ngarie,  My Young Living journey started in 2016 when I was introduced to Young Living by a friend.

I was exhausted and  looking for better ways to improve my health through nutrition, exercise and the reduction of unnecessary chemicals in our home.

I learnt how easy and inexpensive it was to swap out all the household cleaning and personal care products with clean ingredients .  I learnt how harmful the word “fragrance” was and how it was in every shop bought product.  I learnt how using essential oils by just diffusing in my home could help with moods, reduce stress get on top of the inflammation issues I had . I was a candle and plugin queen !!! I was overweight and it didn't matter what I did I just got bigger and bigger and felt even worse .

I also learnt how incredible Young Living nutritional products were and how they were bio available . I learnt that I could support my body needs to feel full of energy and stay above the wellness line again this to me has been really life changing as I'd been taking all the things but it wasn't until I took these NUTRIONAL's that I felt the difference I'd been looking for.

Once I started , I could not help but want to share it with others , as I wanted them to feel great and have the tools for their own and family wellness.

My love for these products and sharing them with others began to grow and now empowers hundreds of families around the world.  That feeling of growing a community of people wanting Physical, Emotional and Financial Wellness is the greatest gift it totally fills my cup .

Because of Young Living I have been able to travel the world now that's something I never thought I'd do before joining , traveling with Young Living is amazing it's next level .

When you join our community we help to show you how to save money going Low-Tox how to swap out your products , we educate you on safety and how to get the best outcomes for you and your family were there for you every step of the way in whatever capacity you need or want .

We can’t wait for you to start your Young Living journey with Us and our Naturally Essential Collective , we are a diverse community from all walks of life and are excitied to get to know you and help you .


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