Summer is in full swing

Summer is in full swing

  This year is flying by and so much is going on this summer.   I hope yours is going well.   I purposely delayed this months blog post because of our 25th annual Young Living convention.   We always release new products and have so much to share afterwards.       This years new releases did not disappoint.   We got a new Owl diffuser for the kids that also is a white noise machine all in one.   We’ve come out with a new formulation of our deodorant using new science to make it work even better!   A new whitening thieves toothpaste that blows the competition away in testing without compromising our strict natural plant based standards.  We also got a couple of new amazing supplements to add to the ones we have.  They introduced 3 new Savvy mineral eye palettes as well and a new brush to our makeup brush lineup.  That being said, we are now the new standard in clean beauty products.  Savvy minerals doesn’t use 2500 ingredients that are in other cosmetic products all over the world.  The US only bans 11 chemicals in makeup while Europe bans 1500.  (Gimme all the clean beauty products!)
All that being said the best part was something we were all waiting on!  CBD OIL IS NOW AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE WITH FULL PV CREDIT!   Find it in the virtual office under quick order. Just click the Nature’s Ultra tab and get your account set up. Simple.   Nature’s Ultra is the company we acquired to provide the best quality CBD on the market and its infused with our essential oils too!  If you’re not familiar with the benefits of this oil, we have education available on FB and even in a text format if you’re interested. Just text CBD to 407.204.9119 (no spaces or dots) and you’ll get a quick text message class sent to your phone! Awesome, right!       

All this goodness is available in your virtual office on Monday!    Check all the new products and try them out. You won’t be disappointed.  

And as always we have our monthly promotion too!  Check it out in the virtual office Click here to shop 

Thanks for loving your oily life and supporting small business at the same time. You are appreciated.   

As always, please reach out with any questions either to me or your enroller. You’re never alone in this journey and I’m so grateful for you.  May you be blessed. 

Casey Forte

Do you want Free Lavender? I DO!!


Hey there! 
Now that I have your attention

  I hope this beautiful month of May is bringing blessings as well as a happy time with Mother's day coming up.   This month we're focusing on caring for you.
 Let's take some time this month and dedicate to making our lives a little better.  Our skin a little softer, and our homes and products a little purer.

Keep reading and there's an awesome prize opportunity just for you!

This month Young Living has gone overboard with the awesome skin care and fragrance oils on the promo this month.  Whoa!  These are seriously some of my faves!  Not to mention Charcoal Bar Soap and our Thieves toothpaste too! I'm in heaven.    First off, Free toothpaste for ER members at 100pv. 
 Free Lavender at (190pv+ ER orders only)! Who doesn't want a free full size lavender?? Sign me up!  (Check out the ER program in your virtual office! Amazing! I'm on month 44!)
Then also at 190pv, you will get one of my fave oils ever. Patchouli. Mmmm!. Great for skin and calming for moods.  Also a great ingredient in custom perfume blends.
Then at 250pv brings another of my faves.  Geranium.  Such a happy oil also great for skin and perfume blends but also good for circulatory support.
Finally at 300pv you''ll get FREE Charcoal Bar soap, amazing!!! And Blue Cypress which is a great oil for perfume blends and really good for helping support the digestive system and skin.  
As if that's not amazing enough, as of today they are offering Savvy Minerals Makeup at a 25% discount for a week (May 10-17) That makes this the perfect time to ditch and switch some of the toxic chemical laden cosmetics in your makeup bag with something good for your skin instead.  #nontoxicliving
Here's some great ways to incorporate these oils and non toxic products into your life.
Ditch and switch.  Try new things. Fall in love! 
It's really simple, buy this instead of that. #simpleswap
Now you have the facts, here's some great natural recipes to enjoy!

Now you've stuck with me this long, here's the deal!   This month all orders that are placed that are over 190pv, you'll be entered to win one of 5 bottles of Purification!!!! 
That's right, 5 chances to win this month! 

Thanks so much for loving your oily life and eliminating toxins one at a time from your home.
Also a huge thanks for supporting small businesses as well as your own healthy lifestyle!  You're appreciated.  May God bless you and your family.

Casey Forte
                                                                                            (feel free to reach out)

Time to Spring into Action!

Time to Spring into Action!
Hey there!
Spring is almost here and I can not be more grateful for warmer weather and being outside more!
Spring is also a great time to get your house sparkling clean and freshened up from being closed up all winter.  
Young Living has outdone themselves with this months freebies.    
They are giving us all the the things we need to get the house in tip top shape.  

Thieves products are a great way to Ditch the Toxic stuff in our homes out for an all natural plant based product that you can feel safe using on and around your entire family.
 Yes, even the fur babies!
Here's some great ways to swap products out for a healthier alternative.  
 Remember, every chemical you swap out is one that your body isn't having to detoxify from.  Daily. Wow.
When I first started my Young Living journey in 2015, I realized pretty quickly, with the help of google, how toxic the products in my home were.   All of them.    It scared me enough to do something about it.   I began swapping out products here and there for the YL equivalent and now, my home is a safe haven and I feel confident in the quality of the products we use in the home.
Hand and Dish soap were some of the first things I swapped out.  Think about how often we use these. So many times a day. Every single day.   And with thieves, you know it's safe to use on your hands, as well as your dishes too.
 I also made one easy swap to Thieves cleaner and eliminated all the other random spray cleaners that consumed the space under my sinks.  Now, it's simple.  One bottle. Many purposes.   Thieves cleaner replaced every other cleaner I had before and it's so safe, I'm confident to even clean up around the kitchen while I'm cooking dinner.   A little different feeling than spraying bleach around while cooking (yuk)   Thieves also cleans your kitchens, baths and floors with a fantastic clean that smells amazing too.
Let this year be the year you decide to make the change for a healthier home and body.   One choice at a time. One day at a time. One product at a time.

This month I'm going to be picking 3 random winners from anyone who orders 150 pv or more!  Your order automatically qualifies you.
 I'll be choosing the prizes from my stash of amazing oils!   I promise it's gonna be worth the entry.  

Click this link to get your order in today!

Thanks for supporting small business and living a healthier lifestyle. May you be blessed on your path.
Feel free to reach out and respond to email or call me directly @ 352-427-2497

Casey Forte

Treat yourself with Love this February

Hey there! 
  Another month has flown by and now we are in the preparation for Spring!  But first, February.  The shortest month of the year and the month known for Love!     This month let's show love to ourselves and our loved ones with the gift of wellness.
First step:
Relax, take a hot bath with essential oil infused epsom salts.   Restore and detox, refresh and renew.     Take some time out for your own mental and physical health.  You deserve it.

Now that you're relaxed and renewed, it's time to create a special blend to wear as perfume to remind you how awesome you are!   Party bonus, these plant juices actually have benefits besides smelling ahh-mazing.  

Are you not sure what to do for your man?  Well, a custom blend of manly oils is just what the Dr. ordered.   With essential oils, the custom blends you can create are endless.  Leaving your man smelling fine indeed and helping balance his body and emotions too.
And for everything else, there's an oil for that!     This month we have an amazing promotion and an extra level to it as well!  YL has Ylang Ylang back, but only available for the promo this month!  We don't have enough to have it in stock, but they had enough to offer it for free to those qualifying orders of 400 pv.   Ylang Ylang is an oil that's been out of stock for a long time and the process to collect the flowers is a painstaking one.   This oil is fantastic for anything heart related and also supports the hormonal systems and emotional balance.   Gimme all the Ylang Ylang!

Whatever you choose to do this month for your health, I hope your month is full of blessings, love and encouragement.   Do one thing each day that scares you and watch life become unstoppable!  
I wanted to share my gratitude for all of you who are still reading this email!  Thank you!  I am offering some more self care items as a thank you!   
Any order placed over 190 pv this month will be entered to win one of 3 Skin care items from YL!    Up for grabs:  
Orange Blossom Face Wash
 Orange Blossom Moisturizer
 Lavamint Smoothing Foot Scrub

You have 3 chances to win! Get your orders in! Click here to order
 Don't miss out on a great opportunity to bless the ones you love with a gift of wellness.

As always, Thank you for supporting small businesses and may God bless you and your path.

Feel free to reach out and respond to email or call me directly @ 352-427-2497

Casey Forte

July and Summer time

I'm here in Florida and it's Smokin hot!  But I wouldn't have it any other way!   What are some of your fave things to do in the heat of summer?  We love to go to the beach, pool and enjoy every minute.    This month is flying by and I can't believe how fast it's going.  
Young Living didn't disappoint this month either with their promotions!    
And as if that's not good enough, this month we held our quarterly rally where we gather in homes, conference rooms and wherever we can gather and share the lifestyle of YL!   Yes, the lifestyle.   We are so much more than oils and if you didn't know that, you've been missing the point of this company and our products.  Entirely.  I wanted to share our Rally promos with you because they are fantastic!    One of them is something I use every single day, Ningxia. They have it 15% off along with our energy shot, Nitro and several different oils to go along with the party!    We are also offering (for new members) their starter kit, with 2 diffusers!!!  and 2 bonus oils as well!    This is great for your friends who aren't yet members and need a new lifestyle.   The starter kit is the best way to get started.     Along with the education you get in our private FB goups, and education online and in person or phone, there's no reason not to get involved!    I love YL!!!!!   It's a lifestyle, not a trend.     It's gonna be here and it's my goal to share it with everyone!   It's that powerful.     Yes, the oils are powerful, but the combination of removing toxins from our home and personal care products make our bodies healthier and more resistant to disease and yuckies!    Who's in for that? I AM!!!    
  The new member promo and product promo will end on the 20th!    (If you need help getting a friend started, reach out to me or your enroller and we can get you the link to get them started!  You get a $$ bonus too!  Hello!   win-win! )
I sincerely hope you have the best rest of the month!    May God bless you all and bring your dreams to reality.   
Thank you so much for supporting small business, it means the world to me, and your health!   This is so much more than stuff, it's a healthy lifestyle you can continue and see benefits in your health.      Be well. Live well, Live life.

Casey Forte

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