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I'm not a hippie, I'm practical.

I never imagined I'd be where I am today...  
I grew up in a house where pharmaceuticals were the first thing considered when something wasn't quite right with health. Made sense, my father was a physician. When I had my boys, I was still totally on board with that western medical model... until it made sense to me to search for some "other ways" to help my boys with their chronic health issues. 

About 15 years ago my 2 boys were pre-school and kindergarten age and they had developed pretty severe asthma and allergies and were on 6 different DAILY "maintenance" medications (yes, 6). AND they were still frequently sick and having flare ups. ALL. THE. TIME. 
I gave exactly what was prescribed, as prescribed and never missed doses. I wanted them to be well. So naturally it was puzzling and scary and frustrating when ER visits weren't that unusual. A mom's intuition is never wrong and mine told me there was something very wrong (ineffective) with the approach used so far for my boys health. An allergist had tried to talk me into allergy shots for them and kind of tried to scare me by saying if I didn't do that for them, the trajectory of their health could lead to emphysema. 
So I went in search of answers....

I realized that the laundry soap I used, the perfume I wore, the shampoos and soaps and toothpaste we used, the pretty candles I burned and the foods we ate (what???? Gogurt & a cheese stick isn't a "meal"?????) all of these things were contributing to my boys poor state of health. 
POOF! 6 Medications are GONE!
I just started adding only "good-for-us" things and started eliminating "bad-for-us things". Food was tricky, especially when I identified food sensitivities - getting creative with foods that wouldn't trigger their asthma and  that would appeal to young boys became a game for me. Pulling inflammatory foods out brought big results too.  I noticed almost immediately the benefit of not using chemically scented laundry soap and personal care (shampoos etc.). That's stuff that touched their skin or they breathed it in all day long. With those chemical toxins gone, their body stood a chance of healing.  
The health impact of pulling chemicals out of our home and eliminating inflammatory foods was unexpected & astonishing.   I replaced ALL cleaners with just one...  Thieves cleaner. Waaaay simpler to just use one thing to clean.
The food part was more challenging - this was years before all of the web content with recipes and education on dealing with food sensitivities. So I guess you could say I'm a bit of a pioneer woman. 
I learned how supplements and some essential oils can be used to mitigate a food exposure so that it doesn't allow the inflammatory cascade to get going. I learned the power of essential oils for managing kids emotions, my emotions and simple every day care like for bruises or minor cuts or simple colds or sore muscles. 
I had NO idea how flexible the oils in those little bottles could be and 15 years later I have so many stories to tell about some pretty amazing outcomes from including a supplement or an oil in a situation where a creative solution was needed.

 My boys were able to get off of ALL 6 prescription asthma and allergy medications. (fist pump!) Their lungs and sinuses sure loved what those oils did for them!
It's about lifestyle. Our environment. What touches our skin. What foods we eat. What's NOT in our diet (whats missing). Managing stress. ALL of these things have to be considered if you really want to have vibrant health.
My boys are young adults now, they enjoy a robust immune system and vibrant health and I was able to help them eliminate ALL of their food sensitivities by healing their gut along the journey. You'd think they'd be vitamin junkies but they aren't. I got their bodies back into  equilibrium- the human body is already so well designed to heal itself when given the right tools. 

So if you're reading this and wondering if something that's not quite right in your wellness could use an "upgrade" from where it is now, I'd love to introduce you to several of the "tools" that I found to be indispensable over the last 15 years. 

Take it from someone who's been down this road and leaned a few things. There is so much that we can do with simple self care steps. 
I'd be delighted to talk with you and share some tips that worked well for us.
Contact me for a free 30 minute call to brainstorm what could be helpful for you.

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Pets and Essential oils - how to use them respectfully with pets

Pets and Essential oils - how to use them respectfully with pets
When introducing your pets (cats & dogs primarily) there are few common sense things to keep in mind. If you take the time to know a few of the recommended DO’s and DON’TS you and your pets will both enjoy and benefit from Young Living essential oils.
  • Chihuahua and great dane shutterstock_2783537-1
  • Dilute: according to weight of the pet (if 1-3 drops is good for a 150 lb human… a Yorkie will need less)
  • Diffuse – it’s the simplest and gentlest way to introduce oils to your pets (make sure they can leave the room where diffuser is running when they’ve had enough
  • ASK your dog or cat which oil it wants (see video below)
Pet your dog with oils starting in the back end (away from their nose) they can smell it all the way back there. If you are wanting to apply an oil in a particular location on the dog then put the oil there.
  • Put oils in ear canal (same goes for humans). Oils can pass through tissues when applied topically so no need to get them into the ear canal.
  • Add to dog or cat water dish, you might offend them or turn them off their foods or water if you put oils in there. There are many dogs who love to lick off oil from the hand or from their fur or others who love it in their food. This requires some discovery first. Don’t assume your pet will love the flavor. It is safe for pets to ingest them (if using YL Vitality  only) , just not always necessary.
What’s the best way to get started with oils for myself and my pets?
Get a Premium Starter Kit …..and I also recommend the Thieves Kit so you can get a great jump start at removing toxic chemicals from your home that are harming you and your pets.
Join our OilNuts team & community today using YL# 939488 and get access to many resources to enjoy vibrant health …. naturally!
~ connecting you with the healthiest version of yourself!

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