Took a trip to Orange County in March so I could watch my 2 year old grandson and my daughter having knee surgery.  How does this fit into Young Living?  My grandson loves the oils.  He always is asking to turn the diffuser on and lifts up his feet for me to apply the oils.  He does not get sick when I am there because I am applying Thieves.

My daughter had  laserscopy  in 3 places on her knee.  I put Valor in my hand with lotion and applied every day with a foot message.  The swelling went down and made her feel better.  Even if you can't see the results right away, I know they are working.

After that I went to my sons house in Arizona and my family are not Young Living fans.  Every time I put oil on or run the diffuser, they would complain.  I don't care because it is my body and they will smell the oil in the air from the frequency.  I ran the diffuser every night by my bed so I could feel better with all the smoking going on outside.

You will have family members who are for it, skeptical or make fun out of you.  You have to ignore it and move on.  Don't get discouraged because there are plenty of people out there who want it!


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