How Daily Habits Form Your Life

How Daily Habits Form Your Life

What kind of habits are you cultivating?


Habits are just that, habits. Good habits can be formed. Bad habits can be broken.

So again, what kind of habits are you cultivating?

Are you cultivating healthy eating habits, or bad eating habits? Are you cultivating getting enough exercise or are you cultivating a couch potato lifestyle? Are you cultivating a good work ethic, or are you cultivating laziness?

Everything in life is cumulative. What you do on a daily basis will accumulate into a lifetime of habits. You can break those habits. The choices you make from hour to hour, day to day effect your weeks, your months, your years, your decades.

The good news is, no matter what your age, you can change your bad habits into good habits. You see, it’s all really a matter of choice. Are you going to choose to sit on your backside watching another Netflix show, or are you going to choose to take a walk? Are you going to choose to eat a burger and fries from 5 Guys, or are you going to choose to make a salad at home? Are you going to choose to make those phone calls for your business, or are you going to scroll through Facebook and Instagram?

We make choices all day long and many of those choices are simply habitual. You can make better choices. You can cultivate better habits and get rid of the bad ones.

Here’s a few tips on setting up better habits for yourself:

1. Commit to your new habit for 30 days – I’ve heard 21 days is the time it takes to form a new habit, but hey, if 21 days is good, then 30 days is golden!

2. Make it daily – Consistency is your friend! Something you only do every so often will make it hard for you to form a habit. Whatever new habit you are trying to form, make sure you are doing it daily.

3. Start simple – Don’t try and make drastic changes all at once. You could be setting yourself up for failure. Don’t go from eating junk food 24/7 to eating a strict vegan diet. Some people can do that, but why not start the first 30 days eliminating junk food, then the next 30 days eliminating meat, then dairy? If you want to start exercising, don’t kill yourself on your first day by working out for an hour and a half and then feel like quitting, because you’re so sore the next day you can’t move. Start with a 30 minute walk a day and build from there.

4. Allow yourself some imperfection – Don’t expect to go from no discipline to the most disciplined person on the planet. If you slip, recognize it and get back on track immediately. Don’t use it as an excuse to fall back into your bad habits.

5. Get rid of temptation – Get rid of the things that would make you fail at forming a new habit. Love ice cream, but you’re keeping it on hand for the kids? Get them a flavor they love and you loathe. Need to work on that next manuscript, blog post, business plan, etc., but Facebook is calling your name? Set a time you’ll play on Facebook and Instagram and also set a time just for work. Adhere to those times no matter what!

6. Remind yourself of the benefits – When you start changing out good habits for bad habits, it helps to remind yourself why you are changing them. Better health, longer life, more money, a better life for your family, etc. are all good reasons for changing bad habits.

7. Do it for you – You cannot make changes for someone else. When it’s all said and done, you’ve got to make a decision that the person in the mirror is worth changing. You are worth the healthier body, the better grades, the better job, the more money, the success. Once you decide that, the decision to change your habits will be easier.

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Why You Should Focus Like A Laser To Reach Your Goals

Why You Should Focus Like A Laser To Reach Your Goals

If you’re like me, you have millions of different interests. For instance, I love topics related to writing, reading, true crime, natural health, wellness, longevity, entrepreneurship, real estate, home decor – the list is endless.

Unfortunately, when you are trying to build a business, all of these distractions are just that – distractions.

For many years, I would read conflicting advice regarding multiple streams of income vs. focusing like a laser on one thing to reach your goals.  Which avenue is the correct one? Which way do I go? Who is right?

Finally, I found someone who’s advice I found great value in. Carrie Wilkerson aka The Barefoot Executive advises to focus like a laser on your main goal and once that is successful, you can move on and build the next thing. Eventually, you will have multiple streams of income as you add more and more. However, starting out, you should focus like a laser on that one thing.

I’ve stated before that when I read Jeff Goins' "The Art of Work," it really clarified my thinking as far as what I really wanted to do with my life. Whenever I would read a motivational book or one that was designed to help you find your passion, they all seem to ask the same thing: When you picture your perfect day, what does it look like? Who are you and what are you doing?

For me, that question was easy. I always picture myself as a best-selling suspense author living in Malibu, CA by the beach.

I want to be as big as James Patterson and entertain millions of people with my stories.

So, that means I need to be focusing like a laser on writing and building a readership that reaches millions.

There have been many days where I  was paralyzed and overwhelmed by uncertainty. Where do I go? What do I do? How am I going to do everything I want to do and not go insane?

I had to come to the realization that I cannot do it all. Choices will have to be made and when I make those choices, the question I will ask is, “Does this activity take you closer or further away from your goal?”

Prioritize your life. Figure out what goals you want to accomplish, then focus like a laser on what you need to do to get there.

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