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Sheryl Ann Bigelow

Reveal This Path To Toxin-Free Living

Make your home a warm, pure sanctuary. Discover how to create a healthier environment for you and your family, and live a lifestyle of wellness, purpose, and abundance.
Reveal This Path To Toxin-Free Living
Make your home a warm, pure sanctuary. Discover how to create a healthier environment for you and your family, and live a lifestyle of wellness, purpose, and abundance.
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Reveal This Path Now

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THIS IS WHO I AM: I am Sheryl Ann Bigelow with Oily Education with Sheryl and Born Healthy, Stay Healthy. I have four dogs and two cats. 
I am a volunteer and furbaby foster mom, am certified with Pets and Essential Oils and currently working on my aromatherapy certification.  

I am a Certified Medical Transcriptionist,  hold my Associates Degree in Health Service Management and a Bachelor in Social Work, an Ordained Minister (yes I can marry you!!)

THIS IS WHERE I WAS: I am a two time survivor of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma resulting in peripheral neuropathy in my feet and hands, damage to my short term memory brain cells and gastroparesis. Basically, my vagus nerve in my stomach is damaged and my digestion system doesn’t work very well. As fiber is most people’s friend, it is my enemy. I was taking 8 Zofran, 4 promethezine and two domperidone (Canandian med $90 a month), botox injections in my vagus nerve by endoscopy, nevermind 10+ other meds for every other symptom I had, every day for quite a few years. I basically was unreliable, as I never knew if I was going to get an attack and end up in the hospital. Needless to say the depression, lack of confidence and lack of self-worth I suffered that accompanied this disorder. 

About three years ago I got really tired of being sick and tired all the time and not being able to enjoy life. I joined a gastroparesis group, investigated holistic approaches, nutrition, herbs and got involved in animal rescue. 

About 1-1/2 years ago I came across Young Living and learned essential oils were more than a fragrance and have therapeutic properties to them. As I am a “see it to believe it” person and there was a digestion essential oil, Digize, I ordered a Premium Starter Kit with Diffuser. I was already spending 90 bucks a month on a nonFDA approved Canadian prescription, nevermind herbs and other things, so I figured what the heck; what do I have to lose.

As I am a researcher by nature, I researched the heck out of every single oil that was in this kit. I learned the benefits of each and every oil which led to me learning about all the other products Young Living offers. I learned about toxins in my home that I CAN control, nutrition, supplements; the benefits these plant based products offer my pets!!

WHERE I AM NOWI have not ordered that Canadian med in over a year, have not refilled my promethezine and have not had a botox injection in 12 months. I will admit I do have a script for Zofran, but it is once a year. It is my “security blanket” if you will. There are times I might need to pop one. I’ve eliminated chemicals in my household and personal care products; making my home a toxin free environment for me and my Pets. I’ve reduced emotional tension!! I've reduced stress and anxiety!! I sleep better!! I foster puppies!! I help with fundraising!! I volunteer!! I travel!! I go to fun events!! I meet people!! I am reliable!! I am happy!! I am healthy!! I am confident!! I am worthy!! 

The PSK was the best health and wellness item I’ve ever invested in. The Young Living lifestyle has completely changed my life!! 

WHERE I AM GOINGBecause of my health transformation I feel obligated to share my story and my love of Young Living products and its community with EVERYONE!! Sharing is caring!! My mission is to provide education on toxins, pet nutrition and Young Living Essential Oils (as Essential Oils ARE NOT all created equal.) Young Living Essential Oils are 100% pure with therapeutic benefits. Yes, there is proper oil introduction and usage for your pets and I feel the need to share that as well. 

 I am not a doctor. I cannot treat, prescribe or diagnosis, but dang I can sure do the research and help you develop your own health and wellness lifestyle.

MY LONGTERM GOALS: Seeing a bottle of Thieves Household Cleaner and diffuser in every home and NO wall plug-ins and bleach!! Helping people meet their health and wellness goals!! Helping dogs live a fuller life, giving back to my community; finding my farmhouse and land so I can foster senior medical dogs. These furry babies need a safe, healthy and happy home to live out their days. My second goal is to make a difference in my city’s homeless needs.  
Join my journey :)
Sheryl Ann Bigelow
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