[NHP] Young Living Canada Natural Health Product Feature: Fennel

Young Living Canada Natural Health Product Fennel Essential Oil

Like Anise, Fennel essential oil from Young Living smells sweet and similarly to black licorice. The aroma is energizing and balancing and is very grounding. Traditionally, Fennel is a species of the carrot family known for its great health benefits, including reducing symptoms of indigestion. It's no wonder Health Canada has approved Young Living's Fennel essential oil as a Natural Health Product for the following health claims!

In Aromatherapy, Fennel can also be used topically or inhaled:

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For additional product information and details, refer to the Canadian Young Living Product Guide.

When we think about essential oils, a lot of people only think about their scent or aroma for diffusing into the air. While there are benefits of diffusing Fennel, this Young Living Canada essential oil is a fantastic natural remedy that can be used topically diluted in a carrier oil like coconut oil or Young Living's V-6 Vegetable Oil Complex. Want to learn more about Young Living Canada's Natural health Products? Contact us today!

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Headache | Acne | Cough or Cold | Eczema or Dermatitis | Rheumatoid Arthritis, Strains or Sprains | Digestive Discomfort | Burns, Cuts, Bruises or Other Minor Skin Irritations | Stressed and Uptight



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