[NHP] Young Living Canada Natural Health Product Feature: Marjoram

Young Living Canada's Marjoram Essential Oil

As independent distributors for Young Living you are often spoiled with some pretty cool experiences.  One we recently experienced was at Young Living's first canadian convention which was held in our original hometown of Calgary, Alberta.  Durning the convention, Tonia and Colin McArthur attended a workshop dedicated to the Raindrop Technique which is more of a natural alternative to traditional Massage Therapy.  Marjoram Essential Oil was one of the oils utilized in this technique.

In Aromatherapy, Marjoram can be used topically:

  • to relieve minor skin irritations, cuts, bruises and burns
  • to help relieve joint or muscle pain associated with sprains, strains and rheumatoid arthritis
  • or inhaled, can act as a nervine and calmative which enhances relaxation
  • or inhaled to reduce the symptoms of cold and cough
  • when experiencing digestive discomfort can act as a carminitive and antispasmodic
  • to experience relief from eczema and dermatitis
  • to help relieve headache

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For additional product information and details, refer to the Canadian Young Living Product Guide.

As you can see this oil has a lot of different uses and is not exclusive to muscle and joint relief or the raindrop technique.  Think of all the DIY's that you could make with this oil.  Wether you are diffusing this oil for its calming nature or applying it topically post workout (diluted with a carrier oil of course) we are sure that this will become a staple in your home for many of your needs.

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