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If you've found yourself on this page, you've been directed here by one of our elite community members. We are a team of Young Living  wellness educators who have a passion for changing lives.  This is our "landing" page.  

We all like to be part of something, whether we realize it or not.  Whether something in our life goes awry or goes well, we hopefully have a  list of people who are with and for us; and there are also those we can show reciprocity to.  Over the last two years, Young Living Essential Oils by way of our community, has changed hundreds of lives.  We are a team of mothers, friends, sisters, wives, daughters, sons, husbands, all from different walks of life.  

We have one common theory that binds us: that there is a better way than what we had been doing.  We have one body, one mind, one life.  With our panel of wellness educators, you can be SURE you've made the right decision.  

Be proud of yourself for stopping by here and for looking into a better, everlasting way of meeting your family's needs of optimum health and wellness.  Be sure to contact the educator who directed you here, as personal relationships are extremely important.  If you've found this site via a google search, please email us here so we can get you started as soon as possible! 

When you get your Premium Starter Kit, you are welcomed and invited to join a members-only group on facebook, where you will get support unlike anything you've seen.  Please be sure that when you "place an order" that your personal educator's ID number is in the "enroller" and "sponsor" portion.  (Just ask em :))

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The Essential Community

*If you click the "contact me" tab at the very bottom, it will go to our community email address.  Please specify what/who you're looking for and you will be redirected!

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Here is a list of our various educators,  in no certain order! Please choose the person you are currently communicating with! 

Educator, Silver Leader
Phone: 5127043877

Cat's  journey started when she was looking for something to help her daughter with her high stress and anxiety levels.  She was so unhappy and having panic attacks several times a week.  "Our lives had taken a big turn for the better, but the stress leading up to it all finally took hold of her, I believe."  It was painful to watch, and Cat didn't want to medicate her...but the knew they had to do something.  "When we got our kit, the oils helped turn things around and here we are, two and a half years later, loving our oils more than ever."  Cat and her family reside in Texas and their dream is to continue helping others on their journey to a life of wellness and abundance through Young Living.  

Educator, Gold Leader

 Lisa is a wellness educator from NJ. With 15+ years of essential oil usage, she settled on Young Living after realizing that they were much more effective than the oils she had used in the past. She strives to help others achieve wellness in their lives as well, and loves having something natural to reach for to support mind and body. In addition to wellness, Lisa is a professional artist and full-time wife and mom. Young Living is making her dream of traveling with her family a reality, and her greatest joy is helping other people realize their dreams as well. 

Educator, Silver Leader
Phone: 7722241914

Wendi comes to us from Southeast Florida, but born and raised a Jersey girl. Part of her passion and her "why" is to encourage and empower moms and women alike.  Her path was made clear to her when her son, born prematurely, was suffering from chronic illness and subsequent tantrums.  Her daughter, also a preemie, suffered from many respiratory episodes.  No one could help. They just wanted a better way, and "here we are", she says. .  "I had struggled with PPD and now, having recovered from it, I speak out publicly and make it my aim to help as many people as possible! Oils are amazing.  Life is good!! " Wendi is also a writer at The Story of My Life.  

Senior Star Leader, Educator
Licensed Massage Therapist
Phone: 3856455653

Nikkole Donnelly is an essential oil addict and massage therapist that occasionally parents three wild children. When starting her journey toward a less toxic and more healthful life, Young Living and their Seed to Seal guarantee gave her direction and firm peace of mind. Located in NJ, she spends her time plotting Essential Oil world domination and muttering "There's and oil for that" under her breath (a lot). She became an essential oil educator to share her passion for helping others on their journeys and to be able to dream BIG dreams for her future. 

Star Leader, Educator
Phone: 6099022807

Jesi comes to us from NJ, and having been ill many times, nothing really helped.  After she saw a friend's post on Instagram about Thieves Essential Oil having the ability to support the immune system therefore fighting sickness, Jesi says, "I decided to get started!  I've been feeling better and working toward wellness ever since.  I love Young Living's Essential Oils,  and that's why I make this my personal job,  sharing valuable information on how medicinal and therapeutic these oils are."  She appreciates everyone visiting her personal website and she is grateful for the opportunity to assist you on this journey of better health. 

Star Leader, Educator

Farrah began using Essential Oils in 2015 because she loved the idea that her house could smell like a spa every day. Then she quickly learned how beneficial they are to support our bodies such as our immune and digestive systems. Her daughter struggles with nervous feelings and Farrah has found so many oils so help her stay calm, think clearly and be able to tackle anything that comes her way. "I LOVE these oils!", says Farrah. 

Executive Leader, Educator

After going through a lot of health issues with her youngest son, this mom of three boys was searching for new answers. Once she realized how therapeutic these oils are, and how they were helping her kids  "and me, an exhausted burned out mom, to cope with life better I was hooked! I have come To love learning how powerful these plant essences are and all their abilities, and love teaching and sharing my findings with others even more."  Karlie loves finding an oil to help someone and seeing it change their life!

Executive Leader, Educator

Sara started Young Living when her voodoo Mom used it when she was young. Turns out, moms are always right! Now that she's a mom to newborn twins, she is grateful to her mom for teaching her about health and essential oils. Her why is being with her babies since everything is now "times two..." 

Star Leader, Educator
Certified in French Aromatherapy
Phone: 5186201657

Denise began using essential oils many years ago and was recently lead to Young Living. The quality of the oils and the Seed-to-Seal promise was the main reason Denise decided to make Young Living her principle resources for essential oils and other wellness products. The variety of oils and blends available as well as the ability to use products to remove toxic chemicals makes  Young Living an important part of her overall wellness plan.
Star Leader, Educator

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A mother of six children, Nicole recently started using essential oils, but quickly got hooked! She's always trying to use a natural approach to things such as wellness, clean eating, and household cleaning to take care of her family of 8 and essential oils help fit into that lifestyle perfectly.  A born and raised Jersey girl, Nicole is extremely well versed in all things motherhood and incorporating wellness into it. 

Star Leader, Educator

Anne fell head over heels in love with the healing aspects of essential oils and enjoys sharing them with others.

Annamaria started because she saw the benefits and how awesome the oils worked. They have now replaced many of her beauty products, weight loss products, sleep aids, cleaning products and personal health items. 

Essential Oil Educator
Phone: 8622443794

After being a huge skeptic for almost two years,  and then five weeks of being ill due to  immune system breakdown, Marshell finally decided to try  Young Living.  A strong  background in emotional stability classes and an extreme interest in Neuroscience made her an oily believer!
Essential Oil Educator
Phone: 4132827003
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Nicole got started in oils as an alternative way to scent her home without the use of harsh chemicals.  As she started using them she fell in love with their additional personal wellness uses and the numerous applications for cleaning in the home.  Essential Oils and Young Living has played a key role in positive lifestyle changes she has brought to her family.  Nicole hopes to continue to share these alternative methods with those who are interested and in search of clean living and positive changes. 
Essential Oil Educator
Fitness Trainer
Gymnastic Coach

Amy Lucskai is a wife and a mom to a beautiful three-year-old boy.  She is a certified fitness trainer and gymnastics coach.  Amy is passionate about holistic health, wellness, and living as naturally and chemical free as possible. Amy got started with this business because "I have witnessed the power of essential oils, I believe in them wholeheartedly, and I want to share them with you!"
Star Leader, Educator
Phone: 7323723532

"When I had my children I wanted a healthier way of living for them, as chemical free as possible."  Erica, a married mother of two had struggles with her small children who were never good sleepers.  "They would wake up 2 or 3 times each at night and I was desperate to find something to help them sleep so I that I could get some sleep also."  The diffuser with Lavender and Orange has worked wonders in their home.  Now, like all in our community, Erica has made it her passion to share her findings with others!
Executive Leader, Educator

"It began with wanting a chemical-free household for us and our kids. " With those 11 oils in our hands what it became was a wellness journey that has transformed every aspect of this busy family's daily lives. Now that they have that chemical-free house, Amber and Adam have monumentally better health,  a new perspective on how to approach life, and a passion for these oils that they absolutely have to share. 

Star Leader, Educator
Phone: 8455978495

Lisa was looking to make some changes in her life and wanted her home to be as toxin free as possible as well as ways to support the wellness of her family!   She found Essential Oils helped her do both and hasn't looked back! 

Phone: 4846144639

"My family did hair analyses and learned how toxic we are! (And we really thought we were healthy!!)", says Denise.  It was then that she and family decided it was time to rid themselves of all the bad stuff, including big Pharma, and "learn to use what our Creator gave us, readily available in the earth -- to help us, heal us, and to experience the benefits of high grade essential oils. "

Phone: 7724750167

Danielle became interested in the oily lifestyle after seeing firsthand the incredible results that she experienced. After many incidents with unpleasant reactions to hair dyes, Danielle borrowed a few oils from her mom's starter kit that were said to help rid her of her rashes, burning, and itching. Danielle immediately saw results, and she was hooked! Danielle now wants to share her passion with others, as well as teach others the plethora of knowledge she has learned since starting this incredible journey.

Phone: 9739456465

Heather's background in Exercise Science, Physical Education and Health drives her continuous pursuit of knowledge of holistic wellness. She stepped into using essential oils when she felt her body changing for the worse and realized she needed to get it back above the wellness line. The dream Heather shares with her husband Joe is to share more together, especially quality time and a healthy, loved family. Beyond embracing clean, non-toxic wellness, they aspire to break the standard of two full-time incomes on a fixed schedule as the only way to "make a living". Heather's go to oil is Northern Lights Black Spruce, she wears it daily for a calm grounding that reminds her of home high up in the woods.

Senior Star Leader

Because we all need wellness and we all love freedom! 

Executive Leader
Licensed Massage Therapist

As a massage therapist for over 10 years she become accustomed to using oils for pleasant aromas but, not much else. Some years back a relative introduced her to young living and she was amazed at the difference, less fragrance and more pure essential notes. After receiving her kit, the free education she received to learn how to use her oils was impressive. She admits she learned more and found more resources through essential community then she received in massage school! Her goal is to provide the best holistic care for her clients. Once she learned that oils could help her and her family with our personal wellness goals she was sold! "Using these oils has been essential in helping me live a more green lifestyle and I couldn't be happier "

Executive Leader

Wellness and holistic living are Deanna's  passion. As a wife and mamma of two boys, she started using essential oils to boost their health as a family.  She also found herself interested in learning new ways to rid their home of toxic chemicals. when she started using Young Living and fell in love, there was no turning back! 

Phone: 6312552003

"This is a journey...my road to a healthy life."
When she discovered essential oils, not only did Roz get relief from some ailments, she also found a way to help herself and loves sharing that with others! 

*Keep scrolling for useful information from the Young Living Blog, Seed to Seal, and our main Young Living Site.

*If you click this "contact me" tab at the very bottom, it will go to our community email address.  Please specify what/who you're looking for and you will be redirected! This is only necessary if you aren't currently working with one of our educators.

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